North Dorchester Middle School holds a safety day

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HURLOCK — North Dorchester Middle School held a Safety Day on Oct. 31. The day opened with an assembly featuring School Resource Officer, Corporal Andrea Robinson and her K-9 partner, Sade. She demonstrated Sade’s role in Narcotics Detection, and Corporal Robinson provided valuable information regarding Sade’s training and the process used in doing searches. Mrs. Blackmon encouraged students to think critically about the drills they were going to participate in during the day. It was emphasized to students to share ideas for improvement because it may help save a life someday.
Five drills occurred during the course of the day: Shelter in Place, Lockdown, Evacuation, Reverse Evacuation, and Tornado. Mrs. Blackmon’s TV Production class, W-OWL Channel 31 News, introduced each drill with a video. They developed four videos called “Sixty Second Safety.” Seventh grade anchor, Jordan Irwin, explained the drill, and then the TV Production class demonstrated it for the school. Mr. Evans, principal, affirmed that this helped students understand in a clear way how to participate in each drill. Between each drill, students from the class broadcast live their feature safety story. These included “How to Stay Safe When Home Alone,” “Online Safety,” “How to Carry a Backpack Safely,” “Bus Safety,” and “How to Stay Safe While Trick or Treating.”
During the three lunch periods, lockdown drills were practiced to ensure that a plan was in place in the event of an emergency. The day wrapped up with another assembly. The safety of students and staff is paramount in our priorities here at North Dorchester Middle School. We were able to prepare everyone for a safe and productive school year in one day. This approach protects the consistent delivery of instruction throughout the school year by having multiple drills in one day. At the concluding assembly, candy was distributed so there were no tricks that day; instead, everyone left with a treat!

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