New NDHS schematic design approved by BoE

NDHS - Board SD Pres 082015 reduced-19
CAMBRIDGE — At the Aug. 20 meeting of the Board of Education of Dorchester County, the Board approved the Schematic Design of the new North Dorchester High School.

The Schematic Design is a diagrammatic representation that was composed by the project steering committee referencing both the approved Education Specifications and Feasibility Study for guidance.

The Schematic Drawings also reflect the planning approval of the Inter-Agency Committee on Public School Construction for new construction. These drawings will next be submitted to the state for approval. The pending Design Development phase will further refine and develop greater details in the coming months through an iterative process of review and revision – ultimately leading to a package of construction documents. Additionally, the funding approval process involving local and state sources of revenue will now proceed.

For an exciting overview of the Schematic Design click the link at
NDHS - Board SD Pres 082015 reduced-20

NDHS - Board SD Pres 082015 reduced-21

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