NDHS architects gather student input on future building

HURLOCK — North Dorchester High School is currently in the Educational Specifications process of its future replacement building. Architects Peter Winebrenner, Jeff Hagan, and Sarah Rineer visited NDHS on March 30, during students’ lunches to gather their opinions on what the new building should include, along with how it should be designed.

Posters with various graphics were set up outside of lunch so students had the opportunity to talk with the architects and write down their ideas for the new school. Students left various comments on the proposed ideas, ranging from student focused collaboration areas to future athletic fields.

Seniors Jon Allebach and Jenna Murtagh from the journalism department at North Dorchester had the opportunity to speak with architect Peter Winebrenner about the future building. When asked about his favorite aspect of the new school he said, “There is not just one favorite design; instead, it is the entire opportunity to create a student-centered building that is adapted to how the students at North Dorchester learn.” Planning for a unique school that was customized to the needs of the North Dorchester community was very important to the architects, as it creates a better school for North Dorchester’s needs. Gathering current students’ opinions allowed them to help plan for the future design NDHS to meet those specific needs.

Currently, three different layout schematics have been created. A Community Visioning Meeting was also held at North Dorchester on Monday. Mr. Winebrenner said “This is a big responsibility, which is why we need the community’s input.”

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