MLMS students visit Gettysburg Park, Museum

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. — This is the time of year when Americans honor those who have served their Country with military service; this is especially true on Veterans’ Day. One way to honor the memory of those that have sacrificed their all for our country’s freedom is to study the history of our nation.
On Nov. 3, Mace’s Lane Middle School eighth graders were able to experience and study the history of the Civil War at Gettysburg National Military Park and Museum.

This field trip was organized by 8th grade Social Studies teachers, Stephen Williams and Dennis Todd, to give the students an opportunity to study primary and secondary sources of the Civil War. The visit to the Gettysburg battlefield enabled students to engage and interact with primary texts and meet the Maryland College and Career Ready Literacy Standards for Social Studies and History. Additionally, they examined and analyzed source material to determine the experiences of Civil War soldiers. Letters, journal writings, firsthand accounts, and images from the Civil War were used to create written student accounts as to what happened at Gettysburg.

While at the Civil War battlefield the students were not only able to view history but actually participate in re-enactment style events including “Pickett’s Charge” on the actual battlefield. Students gained first-hand experiences into what life was like for a soldier at the time of the Civil War. Specifically, they saw how they lived, what they ate, where they slept, and the numerous difficulties they had to endure and overcome.

Students really had such an educational and enjoyable time on their field trip to Gettysburg. Many students were inspired by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and how the history of our Nation has a direct impact on the freedoms and education they enjoy today. “Many thanks to Mace’s Lane Middle School Social Studies teachers, Mr. Williams and Mr. Todd, and the chaperones for making this a memorable learning experience for their students!” said Henry V. Wagner Jr., superintendent.

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