Mace’s Lane Middle eighth graders visit U. of Md College Park

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CAMBRIDGE — The 8th grade students at MLMS attended the High School Transition Conference at the University of Maryland College Park on March 22. The purpose of the trip was to expose our eighth grade students to college planning as well as understanding how to be successful in middle and high school.

The students attended three sessions. One session was on empowering students to prepare for college. The workshop explained the importance of excelling academically and what colleges and universities are looking for in the students that they accept. The second session discussed the importance of setting goals. This workshop motivated our students to live their dreams. The four key points that were noted from this session were “a student with a dream is a student with a future,” “your future success is hidden in your daily routine,” “show me your friends and I will show you your future,” and “you are living your life for you.” At the end of this session, all participants were given a copy of the book “The Purpose Living Teen” by Darrell “Coach D” Andrews. The final session gave the 8th grade students an opportunity to tour the University of MD campus. This session allowed our scholars to see what college life looks like!

Another highlight of the day was eating lunch on campus. Our students were able to choose from 8 different restaurants inside of the Stamp Student Union and purchase their own meals with their gift cards!

This awesome trip was put together by the Maryland Institute of Minority Achievement and Urban Education as well as Richard Potter. It would not have been possible without MLMS staff members Mr. Tolley, Mr. Finger, the chaperones!

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