Learning parties held at Hurlock Elementary School

HURLOCK — Incoming PreK and kindergarten students at Hurlock Elementary School and their families were introduced to “Learning Parties”. Teachers and families were participating in a series of participatory workshops in the area of Physical Well Being and Motor Development. Built on the idea that learning can be fun, Learning Parties are interactive, hands-on, parent/child “parties” that promote and enhance the school readiness of young children. The nonprofit organization “Ready At Five” developed the curriculum, and provided training for teachers.

This is the first time the initiative was being offered at Hurlock Elementary School.

Under the leadership of pre-kindergarten teachers Dawn Corkran and Amy Stoops, the parties are held on Tuesday evenings. Families eat dinner, build relationships, learn new parenting ideas, and complete activities with their children. Afterwards, families take home materials, books, activities, and ideas to share.

Kindergarten teachers Cindy Collins, Jennifer Gambrill, Chelsea Wagner, and Amber Humphrey also attend to support families and provide children’s activities. Hurlock Elementary School Principal Linda Wilson also provides support and assistance.

At the end of each session, the parents get the opportunity to practice what they have learned with their children before leaving. Families commit to attending each of the four sessions. They are given books and materials along with “homework” activities to do during the week.

For more information about Learning Parties, please contact Donna Greenleaf, coordinator for Early Childhood Education at 410-228-4747 or if you have a young child attending Hurlock and would like to join the fun, contact Dawn Corkran at 410-943-3303.

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