Grant Eberspacher is top 1st grade math kid in Maryland

SECRETARY — On Jan. 17, Warwick Elementary School’s Principal Marybeth Blake recognized first grader Grant Eberspacher for his “First in Math” ranking. Grant reached number one in Maryland for all of the state’s first graders.

“First in Math is an online learning tool used by children throughout the world, including tens of thousands in Maryland and all first through fifth graders in Dorchester County,” a statement from Dorchester County Public Schools said. “The premise is that children improve in math the way they improve in anything: practice.”
The site offers activities and games to keep the students interested, and they can log on both at school and at home. Warwick’s Math Coach Janelle Koski said, “The kids think they’re playing, but they’re learning.”

As they complete exercises, activities and games, they move from one level to another, earning “stickers” which allow them to move to higher levels. Scores are kept online and can be checked to gage progress.
“A friendly competition develops as to who is top of the heap, and Grant has now gained the number one spot among thousands of first graders in Maryland who use the program,” the schools’ statement said.

“Thanks, Grant, for putting Warwick on the map,” Principal Marybeth Blake said in a post online.
His principal’s gratitude wasn’t the end of it for Grant – in fact, the young scholar got quite a response when the news spread on social media.
Among those congratulating him were Donald Cheesman, who said, “Great job, Grant, for being Dorchester County’s and the State of Maryland’s finest.”
“Great job, Grant,” Patti Knox Short wrote. “So very proud of all your hard work.”
Grant’s homeroom teacher is Kristin Guesfeird. To learn more about “First in Math,” visit

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