Eighth Grade Summer Enrichment Class creates Pythagorean tree

MD-pythagorean tree 3x-072015

Special to Dorchester Banner/Board of Education
Students in the picture from left: Olivia Santos, Justus Smith, Morgan Wright, Abigail Jackson, Zachary Ridgely, Meghan O’Connor, Bri’Yania Chester, Chloe James, Ms. Jensen. Students not in picture: Drew Warfield, Oyeronke Oyerinde, Ashur Murphy.

CAMBRIDGE — The eighth grade Summer Enrichment Class held at Mace’s Lane Middle School and taught by Elizabeth Jensen has done a wonderful project this summer! In two days, they created a beautiful Pythagorean Tree.

On the first day, the students worked individually to create their own Pythagorean Tree. They then worked in small groups and researched how to create a larger tree by using perfect squares and creating 45°-45°-90° isosceles triangles in between the squares. They figured out measurements of each individual square and where it should go. On the second day, they worked in different groups taking measurements and cutting out the individual squares.

When they were finished cutting out the squares, the students brought the squares into the hallway and laid them onto the ground to check and make sure they were all perfectly cut. Once they noticed the squares fit, they began taping the squares onto the wall.

These students have worked very hard so far in the two weeks they have been here and really enjoyed creating the Pythagorean Tree.

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