Educators honored at ceremony

CAMBRIDGE — Educators and staff of Dorchester County Public Schools were recognized for their years – decades, in fact – of service to local children during a ceremony June 4 at Mace’s Lane Middle School.

Fourteen retirees were thanked for all they have did for the county’s students. Service awards went to 55 employees for having spent from 15 to 45 years in the school system, “For getting up early,” Superintendent Dr. Diana Mitchell said, “and staying late” to help local students.

The theme of the event was “Over the Rainbow,” a nod to the work of those present in helping to make others’ dreams come true. Catering was provided by the Dorchester Career and Technology Center’s Culinary Arts Program, under the director of Chef Charlene Zinnel.

Brenda Bassford, Hurlock Elementary; Claudia Buiano, North Dorchester MS; Paulette Cheesman, Warwick Elementary; Sue Corkran, Mace’s Lane MS; Elizabeth Elliott, Maple Elementary; Jean Farmer, Warwick Elementary; Angela Gebert, Central Office; Doris Meekins, South Dorchester; Diane Meszares, Hurlock Elementary; Magalene Molock, Mace’s Lane MS; Sheila North, North Dorchester MS; Vernetter Pinder, Maple Elementary; Tamara Schneer, North Dorchester MS; and Linda Seward, Maple Elementary

Service Awards
15 years — Angela Ausmussen, James Bailey, Jennifer Bailey, Joyce Berry, Loranne Carowan, Jacob Coleman, Cynthia Collins, Marcellus Dockins, Benedita Gomes, Mary Guesfeird, Nancy Harrington, Gloria James, Zulieka Jarmon-Horsey, Deborah Langrall, Kathy Malkus, Tammie McCarter, Terry Nuwer, Heather Powell, Rachel Pritchett, Patricia Prosser, Rhonda Robertson, Tanisha Robinson, Bertha Sampson, Jolene Smith, Stacey Stanley, Wendy Sylvestri, Mary Windsor and Charlene Zinnel

20 years — Wendy Bowens, Kimberly Castle, Scott Dodson, Melissa Elzey, Jessica Gaull,Cynthia Houghtaling, Janelle Koski, Marcie McGrillies, Sean Reincke, Barbara Ross, Karen Ruark, Sherry Todd and Mary Willey

25 years — Karen Bowers, Brenda Bradley, Valerie Lomax, Kathy Robinson, Bonnie Vogel and Karlene Walker

30 years — William Bromwell, Walter McNair and Mona Smith.
35 years — Donna Warren

40 years — Elizabeth Elliott and Susan Price
45 years — Daniel Hortert and Vernetter Pinder

Assistant Human Resources Administrator Robin Mackert welcomed those attending and gave closing remarks. Presentation of awards was made by Human Resources Administrator Jeffrey Grafton, Director of Operations Beth Wilson and Board of Education members.

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