County Council recognizes University of Maryland Extension anniversary

MD-3xsa-UMD Extension anniversary commendation
The Dorchester County Council issued a commendation honoring the 100th anniversary of the University of Maryland Extension in Denton, on Oct. 7, expressing “sincere congratulations to the University of Maryland Extension on its 100th anniversary and honoring its local educators, university faculty and volunteers, and asks that all citizens observe and celebrate the Centennial.” Pictured are, 1st row from left: Martha Cannon, Gloria Warner, Kerry Turner, Rhonda Barnhart, George Windsor, Area Extension Director Sara Rich, Libby Nagel, Gage Thomas. 2nd row: Conrad Arnold, Jose Prieto Figuero, Jennifer Dindinger. Extension Advisory Council members in attendance were George Windsor, Libby Nagel, Gage Thomas and Gloria Warner.

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