Cambridge-South Dorchester graduates ready for the world

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Graduates of C-SD class of 2016, staff and family fill the gymnasium for the commencement exercises on May 25.

CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge-South Dorchester High School presented its graduation ceremony May 25. C-SD’s graduating class joined parents, relatives and siblings in the school gym, where Principal W. David Bromwell greeted them all and acted as master of ceremonies.

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Patrick Geleta delivered the Valedictory Address with good humor at the C-SD graduation.

“I’m real excited for the kids,” said Principal Bromwell, “I’m excited for our staff and the community of our 2016 graduates. We look forward to what they do when they go out into the world, and hopefully they come back and bring that back to us.”
Meagan Emily Owens, the second-ranking student in the class of 2016, gave the Salutatory Address, who spoke of being a part of the last year of millennials and spending her school years always looking forward to what was coming up next.
The Cambridge-South Dorchester High School Concert Choir sang two songs, the Class Song, Whenever You Remember, and Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors. The C-SDHS Concert Band, under the direction of Scott Bunting also played The Star Spangled Banner and Pomp and Circumstance.

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Meagan Emily Owens delivered the Salutatory Address at the C-SD graduation.

Senior class President Ashley Rose Pete introduced guest speaker Ashley Simmons, a member of the C-SD class of 2011, graduate of Towson University (2015), and currently in law school. “My message tonight will be that hard works beats anything else that you can possibly be disadvantaged from,” she told the Banner. “I know a lot of people come out of high school feeling disadvantaged, they feel like they can’t take on whatever goals they have, and my message is that I am no genius but I worked really hard and now I’m in law school. It’s an honor to be here and I’m so happy to be asked to speak.”
The Valedictory address by 2016 class Vice President Patrick Joseph Galeta started with a good laugh, when he approached the podium and said, “Will the class of 2016 please rise … ” and as the class did what he said he waved it off saying, “Nahh, I’m just messing with you guys, I just wanted to see if you’d do it!” He promised to not deliver a long-winded tirade, and kept that promise well. He spoke with humor of being born sickly and premature, and working constantly to better himself from a “special ed” beginning. He spoke of his class as the “elite Class of 2016,” and said that “no matter what we all do, we will achieve, and we will succeed.”
Diplomas were presented by Philip L. Bramble Jr., and Dr. Henry V. Wagner Jr., superintendent of schools, after which the class of 2015 completed their graduation night.
“We are so proud of these young men and women who are completing their program of study and becoming college and career ready,” said Supt. Wagner. “And we can’t wait to see what they are going to accomplish as they continue to make us proud throughout their lives.”

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The dignitaries of the the C-SD class of 2016: Class President Ashley Rose Pete, Vice President and Valedictorian Patrick Joseph Geleta, Secretary Chelsie Fawn Abbott, Treasurer Alexandra Lin Colman, Spirit Chair Jenna Lee LeCompte, and Salutatorian Meagan Emily Owens.

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