Bromwell, Hopkins are finalists for superintendent

CAMBRIDGE – The Board of Education of Dorchester County released a statement at midday Friday, announcing two finalists for the post of interim superintendent of schools. The finalists are current Cambridge-South Dorchester High School Principal W. David Bromwell Jr., and Lisa Hopkins of Wicomico County.

Mr. Bromwell is a native of Dorchester County and a 1983 graduate of C-SD. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and his Master of Arts in Education Administration from Salisbury University.

He is working on his Doctor of Education in Innovation from Wilmington University. He has worked in Dorchester’s public schools from 1988 to the present as a teacher, dean of students at both high schools, assistant principal and principal at both high schools.

Ms. Hopkins earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Science and Secondary Education, and a Master of Education Administration in Supervision and Administration from Salisbury University. She is working towards her Doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

She is currently the director of instruction for Caroline County Public Schools. She served as supervisor of education for Dorchester’s public schools from 2013-2017 and worked in Somerset County’s public schools as a director and supervisor from 1990-2013.

Current Superintendent Dr. Diana Mitchell has retired. Her replacement will be named this summer.

The announcement comes after Thursday’s Board of Education meeting, during which the only mention of the next interim superintendent was Sheriff James Phillips Jr.’s endorsement of Sandy Hill Elementary School Principal Vaughn Evans. The sheriff said he was speaking also as a father and grandfather.

“On four separate occasions, you all have chosen him to go to schools that were having issues, and on four separate occasions, he stepped in. The disciplinary problems went down, and achievement went up. It went up because teachers were allowed to be instructors, they didn’t have to be referees in the classroom,” Sheriff Phillips said.

Sheriff Phillips’ endorsement received strong support on the Banner’s Facebook page.

Katie Eberspacher wrote, “It’s so obvious the citizens want Mr. Evans just like they did the first time around. If the board members listen to the population they represent, this should be a no-brainer. If you put a well respected leader at the very top, things will change from staff morale to student’s attitude. “

Charlene Jones wrote, “All I can say is, the board members are voted in by the citizens. If they have shown you time and time again that your opinion does not matter or count, then show them that your vote does and vote them out. They don’t feel threatened. They don’t believe that they have anything to lose, so why would they listen to the public? They know or believe they are still going to be sitting in those seats for years to come. Put people in those seats that you know will listen to your concerns.”

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