Benedictine grads learn work skills

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Special to The Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Graduates of the Benedictine School’s hospitality training course displayed their diplomas on 3/13. From the left are Brady Davis, Jha’Quan Cooper and Nicodemus Zaruba.

CAMBRIDGE — Three graduates of the Benedictine School’s hospitality training course are looking forward to joining the workforce. Brady Davis, Jha’Quan Cooper and Nicodemus Zaruba completed eight weeks of classes and practical experience on March 13, at a ceremony in the school’s Easton offices.

“This class has been very special to us,” instructor Ed Bradley said to assembled friends and family members. “We’re very proud of them.”

“We’ll miss you, too,” Mr. Cooper said.

The Benedictine School for Exceptional Children is based in Ridgely, where day and residential programs are offered to young people and adults with developmental disabilities.

Part of the program involved riding with a Delmarva Community Transit travel trainer, who taught the students how to ride DCT’s public transportation with confidence. The travel training service is available to seniors, individuals with disabilities, Spanish-speaking persons and persons going to work.

A prepared statement from DCT said, “Travel trainers ride with individuals to teach the routes, the stops and how to change buses, if needed, and all for free until the riders are comfortable doing it themselves.”
“The bus ride was fun,” Mr. Cooper said.

During the two-month course, instructors Mr. Bradley and Stephanie Milligan taught social and job skills, such as being reliable and arriving for work on time.

In his remarks to the group, Mr. Davis said, “In my future, I will get a job in the community working on cars.”

“I had a good time at the class, it was fun for me,” Mr. Zaruba said.

To learn more about the school, visit or call 410-634-2112.

To learn more about DCT, a division of Delmarva Community Services, Inc., visit, or call 410-221-1900.

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