Wolf Mother celebrated as Chief of Nause-Waiwash

MD-2xsa Wolf Mother installed as new chief

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper

Donna “Wolf Mother” Abbott was formally installed as chief of the Nause-Waiwash band of Indians on May 3, in a ceremony held at Great Marsh Park. Wolf Mother was voted as chief by the female members of the Nause-Waiwash after the untimely death of Chief Sewell E. “Winterhawk” Abbott last fall.

“Winterhawk gave me my (Indian) name on the full moon,” said Wolf Mother, “it’s only fitting that I accept the role of Chief on a full moon.”

Based in Dorchester County, Maryland, the Nause-Waiwash are the remnants of what Europeans call Nanticoke, Choptank and Pocomoke tribes, who fled into the Delmarva marshes in the 1700s. In the picture, Daniel Firehawk Abbott presents a basket of vegetables to the new chief.

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