White’s Maryland Avenue Victorian home dates back to 1824

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CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge Woman’s Club is busy preparing for their thirtieth Annual Holiday Tour. This year’s tour promises to feature an exciting group of homes with beautiful charm and splendid decorations. The homes will be open to visitors on Dec. 14, from 1:30 -4:30 p.m. This year, much to our delight, St Paul’s United Methodist Church will hold a special music performance during the same hours. All guests are invited to attend and be inspired by music of the season.
Four homes will be included in this year’s outing, all located in the downtown Cambridge area. The Phillips and Butcher Families are located on Riverside Drive, the Hull Family on Hambrooks Blvd., and the White Family on Maryland Avenue will be graciously opening their homes for our enjoyment. This year promises to be both convenient and lovely.
As always, Cambridge Woman’s Club will be serving delicious homemade cookies and wassail at the Sycamore College for all to enjoy. Tickets can be purchased for a $10 donation in advance of the tour date or for a $12 donation the day of the tour, at The Dorchester Center for the Arts (410) 228-7782).
You may also see a Woman’s Club member or call JoAnn Ream at 410-228-0066. Please watch for more information about this special day over the next few weeks.
Sue and Curtis White Home
Sue and Curtis White are fortunate to reside in a beautiful home with a heritage dating back 90 years to its construction in 1824. The history of Cambridge’s development revolves around the city’s prominence as a seafaring town. Homes on Maryland Avenue are typical of the Victorian homes built in the late 18th and early 19th Century as residences for families involved in the fishing and canning industries which flourished at that same time and contributed to the expansion of prosperous homes in the City of Cambridge. The historic home of Sue and Curtis proudly represents this time and style, and they have graciously shared their celebration of Christmas in their home
Upon entering through a brightly painted red door, one enters an elegant foyer bearing evidence of the décor fondly chosen to correspond to the period of the home throughout.  Crystal chandeliers lend their sparkle suspended over lavish chests, decorated tables and Chippendale furniture to provide glamorous comfort and warmth. From the parlor your eye travels through the living room into a spacious dining room filled with precious porcelain figures, crystal candle holders, and china.
As Curtis leads the way to the kitchen, his praises of Sue’s culinary skills prompt Sue to indicate that though the kitchen is not enormous, it is convenient and allows her to enjoy preparing meals and special menus. A split stairway which rises from both the kitchen and the front parlor meets to lead to common stairs and ultimately, a study/music room. This stairway provided hours of joy when Curtis was a guest of previous owners of the home, which he never fathomed could one day belong to him. Sue and Curtis reared three daughters in this home over a 35-year period of ownership.
The house currently has two bedrooms and 1½ baths. Two small rooms on the upper level now used as cozy TV/library rooms have served as bedrooms. The master bedroom features large gold framed mirrors and unique gold sculptured cornices adorning this room.
This happy couple has been so generous to share the joy of the season with us. Years ago they opened this same house on a Christmas tour, and spread joy to all who entered. Once again may Christmas time be even more special because you have come and celebrated Christmas with Sue and Curtis White.

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