Town Square: April 22, 2020

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COVID-19 tests from Korea
CHEERS: Way to go Gov. Hogan!
HIGH MARKS: What a fantastic accomplishment!

Pandemic and high school seniors
HEARTBREAK: I feel bad for my senior. Some people will say, “In my senior year, I was headed to war.” Mine is not. However, some kids fight a war everyday against gangs, violence, drugs, and hunger. My heart breaks for all of those kids who worked and fought everyday to get this far.
DISAPPOINTMENT: I am pretty disappointed about people who have told the class of 2020 that they should brush this off. These kids have earned the right to be disappointed.

Result: Positive change
OPTIMISM: A lot will change as a result of this pandemic. One positive change I hope for is that companies realize that they can effectively operate with remote employees. To see the roads open, gas prices at the lowest I can recall, fewer accidents, lower insurance rates, and smog disappearing all around the world is very encouraging.

Shutdown protests
SELFISH: You’re too selfish to realize that this isn’t an infringement of your rights, but rather a protection of the next person’s life and well being. Thank you to all of the police officers and health care workers who have to deal with this ignorance. We appreciate you.
LONGER QUARANTINES: This is why we’re going to keep extending the quarantines.
SUFFERING: The economy is going to suffer, but they are putting resources in place to lessen the burden for us. The longer people don’t listen, the longer we all are going to suffer.
POLITICS: Is it just a coincidence that the ones who are obsessed with Trump are also the ones obsessed with opening everything back up? Forget the political agenda. People are dropping like flies.
RISK: I welcome anyone who is agitating for “liberation” to replace me or my nurses for a day — or even a couple hours — in a COVID-19 unit. Your selfishness quite literally puts me, my colleagues, and our communities at risk.
CONSPIRACY: I work every day and still come in contact with people and go to stores. I’m fine and the rest of the world will be too if we just do what we were doing before. This is all a Democratic stunt and this will all come out soon.
DEATHS: I’m not sure how over 150,000 deaths worldwide is a Democratic stunt, but that’s just me.

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