Off-duty Cambridge police officers save lives of three people

CAMBRIDGE — On Sept. 25, at approximately 10 a.m. Pfc. Joseph Beans and Ptl. Theadray Ford were off duty fishing in the Chesapeake Bay off of Talbot County on Pfc. Beans’ personal boat.

While in the area fishing both officers observed a vessel in distress that was taking on water. The boat had three occupants. Without hesitation Pfc. Beans and Ptl. Ford quickly responded to assist, first by attempting to pull the boat. Due to the amount of water that the boat had taken on board, the boat ended up capsizing and flipping over causing the three occupants to be submerged in the water. One subject was struck in the head with the boat causing him to go under the water. Two other occupants were trapped by the center console.

Pfc. Beans and Ptl. Ford acted swiftly and without hesitation and threw the subjects life jackets and were able to retrieve all three occupants and pull them aboard Pfc. Beans’ boat.

Pfc. Beans and Ptl. Ford stayed with the subjects until emergency personnel from Maryland Natural Resources Police were notified and provided transportation for the subjects to Calvert County.

Pfc. Beans contacted Cpl. Robert Ball after the incident to inform him of the situation while Off Duty.


“I feel that Pfc. Beans’ and Ptl. Ford’s quick action prevented a terrible situation of three people possibly losing their lives due to being submerged in the Chesapeake Bay with no life vests. I have submitted a Commendation Award Request for both Pfc. Beans and Ptl. Ford for the incident to receive a ‘Life Saving Award.’” said Cpl. Ball.

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