Message Wall: Neighbors are sharing ideas and support

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Neighbors are posting notes on social media, sending flyers and emails, all trying to spread news of how they are dealing with the COVID-19 situation.

Dorchester Banner
CAMBRIDGE — As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to develop, local groups are reaching out to spread the word about changes to their events and schedules. It remains a good idea to check on the status of goods and services before leaving home.
The Banner compiled a list of announcements over the previous week, which follows:

Roger Harrell
As health officer for Dorchester County, charged with control and spread of COVID-19, my recommendation is that all public playgrounds in Dorchester County, including municipalities, are to remain closed until further notice.

Town of Secretary
According to the Dorchester County Health Department, we must again close our Town Park. Although we do not agree with this, until we can get further clarification the park and playground will remain closed.
Any questions concerning the closure should be directed to the Dorchester County Health Department. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

MidShore Meals til Monday
To all Dorchester County Public School Teachers:
Many of you are doing amazing things right now to help your students. If you would like to bring them bags of food from Meals til Monday please contact us. We are ready to help you help your kids! We have bags prepared to give you any day of the week; it doesn’t have to be on Thursday.
Please call so we can work with you on this. Our mission is to get as much food to our children and their families as we possibly can.
Take inspiration from Ronda Herman of MES; she’s been picking up MtM bags every week since March 16 and delivering them to her MtM kids. You can take bags to any student you know who needs food; no restrictions! Call 703 371-5191.

City of Cambridge
The Mayor and City Commission held a public reading of the proposed 2021 city budget at their commission meeting on Monday. A public hearing for the budget will take place on May 26 at 6 p.m. Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day, thus the reason for a change from the normal Monday to Tuesday meeting day.
Both meetings will be live-streamed at Town Hall Streams. You can access them here:
The public will have opportunity to speak during public comments. Directions for calling in to the meeting will be posted with the agenda.
View the proposed 2021 budget at

Children’s Mental Health
It can often be a struggle for children to express how they’re feeling. Children’s Mental Health Matters has resources for parents and educators to support their children and students during this difficult time.
Learn more at

‘Roadmap to Recovery’
Have you read Maryland’s ‘Roadmap to Recovery’? Guidance and pandemic-related health resources can be found at these links: and

Harriett’s House Inc.
We are continuing to serve our clients during the pandemic. Just like many organizations, we have had to get creative. We are helping families with monthly food delivery and have made close to 50 deliveries since the drop in center has been closed. We will continue to serve in any way we can and will continue to look for more creative ways to serve. Thank you for your continued support!
Gov. Larry Hogan
To find opportunities to help fellow Marylanders and access an A-to-Z COVID-19 resource guide, visit

ND Marching Band
Updated: Do not return anything, come to, or call the school at this time.
Two things:
1 — If your student has not returned his or her band uniform or school-owned instrument to school, please wait for someone to contact you with a time to return these items.

  1. We are planning on having a “virtual” spring concert on May 14 at 7 p.m., which would have been our real spring concert date and time. It will be live on Mr. Hughes’s Facebook page, and can also be accessed on this page and the music boosters page. Stop in and comment, as Mr. Hughes will be moderating the show.
    Maple Elementary School
    We’re collecting photos of our Maple Lions working from home for the yearbook! Please send photos to Mrs. Edgar at or text them to 443-521-4483
    Shore Regional Health
    We are celebrating Health Care Heroes Week beginning May 10, through May 16.
    Everyone, from our nurses, practitioners, doctors and support staff to our non-clinical team members in facilities, environmental services and corporate are key to delivering high-quality care in our community.
    This has never been more true than it is today. This week, we honor their contributions to the community and their heroism in the face of this pandemic.
    Heirloom Athletics
    Our Heirloom OG member Steven White is an ER physician at Shore Health. He said that while ER volumes are significantly down, the volume of COVID-19 patients in such a short time frame is overwhelming in the inpatient and ICU areas.
    Steve is helping other hospitals, and was recently at the ICU at Upper Chesapeake in Bel Air to help give relief to the physician there. (One ICU doctor for 15 intubated COVID patients. Yikes!)
    He says that PPE is a must, as there is no practical way to do social distancing between doctors and their patients, and airway procedures are particularly risky because of the air-born transmission of the virus. It’s stressful to say the least and zero fun.
    Steve stresses to keep practicing social distancing to provide relief to the health care system until antibody testing can be done.
    We truly admire Doc’s work during this pandemic; Steve, you’re our hero!
    Shore Regional Health
    Making a difference is more important now than ever before. By donating to the COVID-19 Response Fund, you’re not only helping your local hospital and the heroes who work there, but also families affected by the virus and your community at large. We are all in this together. Learn more at