Message Wall: In troubled times, friends are reaching out

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Neighbors are posting notes on social media, sending flyers and emails, all trying to spread news of how they are dealing with the COVID-19 situation.

CAMBRIDGE — As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to develop, local groups are reaching out to spread the word about changes to their events and schedules. It remains a good idea to check on the status of goods and services before leaving home.
The Banner compiled a list of announcements over the previous week, which follows:

Emergency Center tent down
The tent installed several weeks ago at UM SEC at Queenstown is being dismantled due to the advent of severe summer weather including thunderstorms and the tropical season which brings the potential for high winds.
According to manager Mary Alice Vanhoy, if necessary, the tent can be re-installed within 48 hours, but at present, all emergency care needs are being accommodated inside the Center.
Various safety measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are still in place, including the following: all persons entering must wear a mask; and all patients and visitors will have their temperature taken upon arrival.

Governor Hogan
As the number of coronavirus cases and tests in Maryland continues to grow, the rate of people testing positive for the virus has dropped by more than half, Gov. Larry Hogan said May 27.
“In Maryland, our statewide positivity rate peaked 41 days ago on April 17 when it reached 26.91 percent,” Hogan said. “Since then, it has dropped by more than 50 percent down to just 12.8 percent statewide.”
The rate in Baltimore dropped 54 percent from 27.38 on April 19 to 12.71 percent Wednesday, while neighboring Baltimore County’s rate is nearly equal. Both are below the state average.
The state has also reached its goal of conducting 10,000 coronavirus tests per day, Hogan said. In total, the state has conducted more than 300,000 tests.

Rehoboth Beach
After multiple discussions, the Rehoboth Beach commissioners agreed on May 26 to permit businesses to use the city sidewalks through July 31. Restaurants may apply immediately to use sidewalks for outdoor seating beginning June 1.
Also beginning June 1 merchants may use up to three feet from their storefront to display wares without an application. Business sidewalk usage must take into account ADA and social distancing requirements.
Also decided by the commissioners was the utilization of parking spaces as a pedestrian walkway. The commissioners determined the new walkway was necessary to allow visitors and residents to enjoy the expanded use of the sidewalks downtown while social distancing.

Town of Secretary
Shooting firearms of any kind from car or outside home is prohibited in town.

National Center on Elder Abuse
As a result of COVID- 19 older adults are at an elevated risk for isolation, manipulation, targeting, and systemic barriers.
Learn more about the abuser tactics, ways to support older adults, and resources for supporting survivors during COVID-19 at
Elks Lodge #1272
Members we have missed you so much. Please remember that we still have orders we have to follow. Please remember to practice social distancing the CDC guidelines.
Our officers will be checking memberships that are current. Guests are welcome however don’t be surprised if we nudge you from 6 feet away to fill out an application to join us. We will be requiring cash or check only payments as we aren’t equipped to accept credit cards at this time.
Please be ready to provide contact information to enter. Our hours will be Friday 5-9 p.m.; Sat and Sun 4-8 p.m.
We will only operate on weekends at this point and on June 5, hours will be 4-8 p.m. We have missed you all so much. Let’s keep it safe and everything will be fine.

Delmarva history
The first batch of the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History & Culture Delmarva Folklife Project interviews are now in Internet Archive.
Head on over to hear stories from people like Preston Cherry, an African-American laborer born in 1921, who talked about his time as a fruit picker, railroad worker, and vegetable huckster, as well as his family leisure activities in a segregated Ocean City. Visit
Harriett’s House Inc.
We are still uncertain when we will be opening the drop in center. We are waiting for the Governor to allow the rest of the non-essential businesses to reopen.
We have continued to help those in need with food deliveries. We have served many families during this time and are delivering food on a weekly basis.
We will modify our hours at the drop in center when we reopen and will be open 2 days a week. We are developing a fundraising strategy for starting a residential program.

We will schedule a zoom meeting for those interested in helping with our Fall fundraiser. We are moving forward with our plans for a November Brunch to raise money for our residential program. If you would like to be on the fundraising team, call 443-786-1843.

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