Mayor, Council sign papers to purchase Sailwinds property

CAMBRIDGE – Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley and City Council members met Friday morning in a public session to sign papers and complete the purchase of the Sailwinds property from the State of Maryland. Title to the property had already been granted by the State of Maryland in an agreement earlier in the year. This session formalized the paperwork and finalized the payment for the property. The City of Cambridge gave the state a check for $5 for the 11.8 acre property.

MD-Cambridge city buys Sailwinds property_2col

City Attorney Robert Collison looks on as Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley signs documents to finalize the sale of the 11.8 Sailwinds Park property back to the City of Cambridge. Katie Parks, assistant director of the Maryland Department of Transportation Office of Real Estate, represented the State of Maryland. (Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper)

City Attorney Robert Collison reviewed the paperwork with Katie Parks, assistant director of the Maryland Department of Transportation Office of Real Estate, prior to the Mayor’s signature.

Mayor Jackson-Stanley reassured the small audience on hand that any development of the Sailwinds property needs to preserve public access along the waterfront, and the area in question would not be lost to the town in a gated community or other restricted access development.

On hand for the event were Cambridge Economic Development Director Natalie Chabot, Senate Delegate Addie Eckardt, representatives from Senator Richard Colburn’s office, and Jerome J. Parks of the Parks Companies, the developer chosen for the site.

The renovation of the Sailwinds property would include rebuilding Long Wharf and creating a mixed residential and retail neighborhood while ensuring public access to the riverfront. The project has been discussed and planned for more than 20 years, and the events of this day are seen as a giant step forward in the project.

The general feeling among the crowd was enthusiasm and excitement for the project. “We’re looking forward to the project moving forward,” said Mr. Parks. “It’s going to be exciting.”

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