Local voters chose November’s candidates

Lenny Pfeffer defeated County Council District 4 incumbent Rick Price in the Republican primary.

Lenny Pfeffer defeated County Council District 4 incumbent Rick Price in the Republican primary.

CAMBRIDGE – The Dorchester County Board of Elections has posted preliminary results from the June 26 primary vote. All 43 precincts are included in the count.

Turnout was low, at 25.52 percent overall – 30.95 percent of Republicans and 21.09 percent of Democrats voted in their parties’ races, choosing the candidates who will face off in November.

There were 18,014 registered voters in the county, of whom 8,090 are Republican and 9,924 are Democrats. Total votes cast were 4,597; 2,504 Republican and 2,093 Democratic. Two ballots overall were blank.

Voters chose among candidates running for county, state and federal posts. Several were uncontested, with only one candidate.

In one local race, Republican for County Council from District 4, challenger Lenny Pfeffer defeated incumbent Rick Price.

“I am very happy with the results,” Mr. Pfeffer wrote on social media. “Final results will not be certified until July 6 after provision and absentees are all counted. Thank you to everyone who has gotten me to this point!”

In the race for county council from District 5, challenger Libby Nagel unseated incumbent Tom Bradshaw.

In the contest for Republican from District 37B in the House of Delegates, incumbents Chris Adams and Johnny Mautz held off Keith Graffius’ strong campaign in Dorchester County.

“I called Christopher Adams last night, congratulated him on his victory and had a nice conversation,” Mr. Graffius said in a prepared statement. “We came up short at the ballot, but I feel like I won. Because I did. So many hearts, friends and relationships gained. Don’t be dismayed, be inspired! Be a party of your community, give back and be involved…it was was our message from the beginning and it hasn’t changed. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.”

Among the contested local races were the following results:
House of Delegates 37B
• Christopher T. Adams – 877
• Mimi Gedamu – 108
• Keith Graffius – 914
• Johnny Mautz – 1,686
Mr. Mautz and Mr. Adams will advance to the general election. Though Mr. Graffius garnered more votes in Dorchester County than Mr. Adams, District 37B also includes parts of Talbot, Caroline and Wicomico counties, where Mr. Adams had stronger support.

County Council District 4
• Lenny Pfeffer – 262
• Rick Price – 179
• William Neil Windsor – 63

County Council District 5
• Thomas Bradshaw – 239
• Libby Handley Nagel – 339

Register of Wills
• Richard F. Colburn – 1,378
• Kevin B. Webster – 861

House of Delegates District 37A
• Charles Cephas Sr. – 323
• Sheree Sample-Hughes – 501

County Council District 1
• Betsy Hughes – 170
• Jay Leonard Newcomb – 315
Complete results can be found at dorcomdelections.org.

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