Larimer joins race for mayor

Robert Larimer

CAMBRIDGE — Robert Larimer, a life-long resident of Cambridge, has announced his candidacy for the Office of Mayor for the City of Cambridge.
“Robbie is a pillar of the community, a true family man who is dedicated, caring, concerned, and passionate about his family and the community,” said Charles (Chuck) Kelly, Sr., owner of Craig’s Drugstore. Mr. Kelly said “I have known Robbie’s family since he was little, and I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about him.” This sentiment was repeated throughout Cambridge, a statement from his campaign said, as Mr. Larimer’s family has been here for generations, and he has encountered so many families at their worst moments as an emergency responder.

“Robbie has been a client, turned employee, and also a friend,” a statement from John and Monica Russell said. Mr. Russell is owner of the Choptank Bowling Alley, Tire World, Russell Paving, and 1001 Goodwill Leasing. “Robbie is someone you can count on and turn to no matter what! His work ethic, love of family and professionalism are unsurpassed. Our family has known Robbie for over 10 years; he is honest and sincere and we value him as a lifelong friend.”
“Robbie has been dedicated to the people of Cambridge and all of Dorchester County since he started volunteering with the Rescue Fire Company when he was 14 years old, working his way up to Captain,” said Mark Hubbard, owner of Hubbard’s Custom Blinds and Framing Gallery on Race Street.
“I grew up here and have seen the changes,” said Mr. Larimer. “Downtown used to be the place to be on the weekends. There wasn’t the division we are seeing now. Everyone would be out on Friday night; it was a time to see all your friends, get something to eat, and go upstairs at Tolly’s to see a movie. We were a close, united neighborhood. It seems we have gone backwards rather than progressing together, with increasing racial division and tension. I know I am not alone in wanting Cambridge to once again be a safe, enjoyable community for all of our children to play sports together and for our small businesses to be supported and thrive. I am committed to working hard to bring Cambridge back to what I know it can be for all of our families.”
Larimer continued, “My grandfather ran Phillip’s hardware. The architecture and buildings were beautiful and business was thriving back then. Cambridge needs effective, open, and cooperative leadership to revitalize the entire city, not just Main Street.”

In his capacity as an emergency responder, Larimer has observed some living conditions he believes are unacceptable and need thoughtful attention. “Safety codes are not being effectively enforced in rental properties and outdoor maintenance is too often ignored,” Larimer said. “People deserve better, and their concerns are falling on deaf ears. Vulnerable people and families need a voice; they are unheard and overlooked. It has motivated me want to work together for a better future for all of us in Cambridge.”
Mr. Larimer has shared his vision for Cambridge, along with a detailed strategy, his statement said. He has decided to publish his plan in sections, so the public can respond on his Facebook page and start a community dialogue.
His campaign’s statement continued, “Through his volunteer emergency response experiences, Larimer has witnessed up-close a lack of genuine representation for vulnerable, economically disadvantaged and socially dependent citizens throughout Cambridge. It has moved him and motivated him to step up and offer to be their voice, and to listen, and to collaborate to make the Heart of Cambridge whole again.”
“Listening to each other is where we have to start,” said Mr. Larimer. “My vision is simple, I want a better life for everyone in Cambridge, and I want everyone to participate in achieving that goal through open, honest government.”
“My vision is not so much about bridges, but more to remind us that we beat with one heart,” he continued. “We need a safe, healthy heart to bring the rich, colorful lifeblood of our diverse and talented community coursing through our schools, organizations, and safe neighborhoods to lift every resident of Cambridge.”

If elected, the statement said, Mr. Larimer’s plan is to work with, and listen to, every member of the Council, organizations, and the public; homeowners, renters, landlords, and business owners, to achieve clear, evidence-based goals, that are developed through community input and consensus.
Mr. Larimer, an advanced scuba rescue diver and a Little League Coach, was born and educated in Cambridge, where he lives with his wife, a school teacher, and their two young children.
“His family has been here for generations and this is where he wants to stay and see his children grow, and raise their own families one day,” the statement said. “Public safety and volunteering have been the driving force in his life.”
He has been a volunteer emergency medical care and transport responder, a 911 dispatcher, and advanced communications technical specialist. His experience and skills prepared him for his involvement with a number of multi-million-dollar mission-critical public safety projects with Dorchester County, to improve the essential link among all of the emergency responder agencies.

In 2007, Mr. Larimer joined the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and earned his police certification at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy in Salisbury. Over the next four years, Mr. Larimer’s dedication and commitment to the people he served was recognized, and in 2011, as Deputy 1st Class, the American Legion Auxiliary, Dorchester Unit 91, honored him with their “Citation of Meritorious Service for Loyal and Dedicated Service to the Citizens of Dorchester County, Maryland” and proclaimed him “Deputy Sheriff of the Year.” “Larimer’s work ethic and steadfast focus on community safety is apparent among his colleagues and superiors,” the statement said. He was promoted to corporal in 2018 and is now an instructor for new recruits.
Early in his career, Larimer was recognized by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development during the Youth Entrepreneur Awards for his IT/Computer consulting business that he started as a young man. He has earned certification as an Incident Commander under the Federal Emergency Management Association Incident Command System (FEMA ICS).
This certification, essential for municipalities to receive federal funds for disasters, prepares a proven leader with advanced knowledge for expanding incidents, focused on resource management, Interagency mission planning and procurement, staffing and organization, transfer of command, and unified command functions in multi-jurisdictional or multi-agency incidents.
“This kind of comprehensive leadership preparation and certification can make the difference between getting federal funding to rebuild after a disaster, or not getting any help, leaving homes and businesses destroyed with no hope of rebuilding,” the statement said. “Mr. Larimer is prepared to lead on Day One.”

Mr. Larimer wants the community to think about their safety before they are in a difficult or life-threatening situation, the statement said. He has been involved in school bus safety and underage drinking initiatives, and he instructs teachers in ALICE Training. This preparation (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), enables educators and administrators to learn and become certified in strategies to keep students safe in their classroom, to respond with confidence, and make good survival decisions if faced with violence.
“Mr. Larimer sees the potential for a bright future for all of the people of Cambridge, working together as one community, affording every family a voice and an opportunity to contribute and thrive,” the statement said. “He has the proven leadership to guide Cambridge forward.”