It’s all about fun at Pleasant Day Fun Day!

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Dorchester Banner/Gloria Rojas
Clowns Jenna and Jordan LeCompte jumped around and, well, acted like clowns!

CAMBRIDGE — The Pleasant Day Family Fun Day took place on Saturday, a day of perfect weather, sunshine, shade under the trees, and a light breeze with no schedule. What was scheduled was a variety of entertainment that seemed non-stop.

The Fun Day raises funds for the Pleasant Day Medical Adult Day Care, paying for trips and activities for the many seniors who participate. Happily, it also provides a day of crab cakes, entertainment, and competitions for cars and motorcycles.

Two-year-old Laya Jackson had a careful hand as she decorated a big cookie. No, that yellow jar was not mustard, but blue icing for a frosty cookie. Laya had already been face-painted as an ice princess by volunteers.

The hungry lunchtime crowd quickly discovered the crabcakes, hot dogs, fries, and pizza on the menu. Special cookies and brownies, prepared by Jill Vincent and Helen Welch, were on sale. Twelve strawberry pies made by Sheriff Phillips’ wife Cathy went fast along with cakes made by several volunteers.

Dining to the music of Patricia Gray, Gracie Wilson was joined by friends and clown Poopsie, (Jordan LeCompte.) Ms. Wilson hopes her doctor doesn’t see the picture of her enjoying the fries. A short distance away, a pizza beckoned. But loyal to Maryland tradition, lots of lunchers opted for crab cakes prepared by Shirley and Gene Tolley.

Shelley Abbott and Tina Kral ran the music program which included singing and dancing. Karen Gianninoto carried her own stage, a wooden square, and clogged away to “Rocky Top.” Delightful to watch her easy grace and listen to her noisy taps.

Not to be outdone, the Showtime Dancers did several numbers. They are Pleasant Day’s answer to the Rockettes of Radio City. The Showtime Dancers may not do the Rockettes’ eye-high leg kick, but their precision is very classy.

The 50/50 raffle was successful with the winner, Shelley Abbott, taking home 700+, some of which she donated back to Pleasant Day.

Some 50 cars vied for trophies in the auto competition, and the first place winner was Luther Ruark. There were more motorcycle entries this year than last year, and the first place motorcycle winner was John Gray. Taking home the big bicycle trophy was a little guy, CJ Lamarre. Many other trophies were presented at the Family Fun Day.

Jackie Vickers, executive director of Pleasant Day summed up the day. “The cars sparkled in the sunshine, and the crab cakes sold ‘like hotcakes.’ Fundraising was successful, so it will be a good summer for the participants at Pleasant Day.”

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