Hurlock Police Chief Hutton resigns; Capt. Henry promoted

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Hurlock PoliceChief Michael Henry (left) and Capt. Jeff Biskach (right).

HURLOCK — It was a bittersweet moment at the Hurlock Town Council meeting on Aug. 10 when Mayor Joyce Spratt announced the resignation of highly regarded Police Chief Les Hutton. She said that after the recent passing of his wife Joanne last month “Les just could not give us 110 percent and he said ‘if I can’t give you 110 percent I just can’t do it.’”

Chief Hutton assumed the post in the fall of 2011 following a tumultuous year of hiring, firing, and temporary assignments in a department plagued by controversy. The former chief ushered in a period of professionalism and stability.

Capt. Michael Henry moved into the Police Chief post and Lt. Jeff Biskach was promoted to Captain. Mayor Spratt said, “Tonight it’s really an honor for me to move Mike Henry up to Les’position and move Jeff Biskach up to Mike’s position.”

The Mayor swore them in and asked that the wives pin the new badges on each of their husbands. The pair was greeted with excitement and enthusiasm by family members who filled the entire first row of chairs in the meeting room. After swearing to support the U.S. Constitution and bear allegiance to the State of Maryland and its laws an appreciative audience rose and applauded.

“This was Les Hutton’s wish – to see Mike Henry move up to his place and he knows he’s very capable of doing the job,” said the Mayor. She added, “Les said, ‘you’ve got the two best guys there and I’m behind them 1,000 percent.’”

Capt. Jeff Biskach is a popular member of the town’s police force and often serves to greet youngsters when they arrive to and depart from the elementary school. He was nominated for and attended the FBI National Academy session 235.

Chief Henry comes to his new job with over 25 years in the field of law enforcement.
The new chief won election to the council in 2009 during his tenure with the Easton department and in 2011 joined the Hurlock Police Department. In July, 2011 then Councilman Michael Henry announced his retirement from the Easton Police Department and his resignation from the Town Council. He said, “As time goes by many things can change in one’s life.”

At that point, former Police Chief Les Hutton announced that Capt. Henry would join Hurlock as deputy police chief where he has served since his appointment. Chief Henry has been in law enforcement for over 25 years, is trained in community policing, and attended session 228 of the FBI National Academy for executive training. At the time of his hiring, former Chief Hutton noted, “Mike puts the citizens of the town first.”

He received numerous awards during his tenure with the Easton Police Department, including: Officer of the Year, Lifesaving, Chief’s Award, 4 Unit Citations, Exceptional Service, Police Officer, Educational Award, Good Conduct, and Fitness Award.

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