Huge crowd celebrates Cambridge National Night Out

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Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
Nearly 1000 Cambridge residents relaxed around or splashed in the pool during National Night Out on Tuesday night. “Another fabulous party!” declared the Mayor.

CAMBRIDGE — Approximately 1,000 Cambridge residents gathered at the county swimming pool at 107 Virginia Ave. on Tuesday night, for the 32nd annual National Night Out. The crowd, mostly Cambridge kids, enjoyed swimming in the pool, eating hot dogs and chips, and grooving to music provided by a local dee jay. The event was sponsored by the Cambridge Police Department, in an effort to bring the community together and give everyone a chance to meet and interact with members of the department in a fun, social setting.

This is a beautiful day,” said Chief Dan Dvorak, “with lots of families and children having fun! 912 people here so far, and everybody enjoyed the hot dogs and chips provided by the Elks.

“The special thing is,” said the chief, “We do our work day to day, we go on calls, we help people here and there, but this is a chance where we can kind of throw a party for the whole community and get involved with everybody. I’m enjoying just walking around and talking with people. My philosophy is that police officers are reachable and touchable — talk to them, communicate. I don’t want to hear about bad things going on through other people, I want people to call. If you have any kind of a problem, just call us. We’re working hard to earn the community’s trust.”

Chief Dvorak, who was sworn in as Cambridge’s new chief last January, has turned into a serious cheerleader for Cambridge, the town police department, and community relations. Since January, he has purchased a house in Cambridge and moved his family here, and is looking forward to a long relationship with the town.

“I’m here,” Chief Dvorak said, “my son’s going to school here, my family is here, this is it for us.”
The event was also attended by Cambridge’s Mayor, and members of the City Council.
“Another fabulous party,” said Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley, with her usual infectious enthusiasm. “This is the best day ever! See a lot of our children, our adults, having a great time. National Night Out — it’s the best! I’m so proud. All the people are smiling, having a good time, I’m really happy about this.”

“This is unbelievable,” said Commissioner Gage Thomas, “I’ve never seen so many people having a great time in one place! Everybody’s wet and wild, it’s a great event. Too bad we couldn’t do it more often!”

The party continued from 6 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, during fine weather at the end of a typical hot summer day. Members of Chief Dvorak’s force were in attendance at the party, visiting with the kids and parents, having a good time and enjoying the night.

“Our police department is doing a terrific job,” said the Mayor, “they continue to bring activities to the community. Our children are flourishing, our seniors are feeling more comfortable, and this National Night Out is the biggest I’ve ever seen. This is great!”

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