Having a ball at Community Day

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Si’Yeh Cornish was ready for one of the kickball games at Sunday’s Community Day sponsored by her mother, City Council Ward 2 candidate Tyzann Meekins. The event took place at St. Clair field.

CAMBRIDGE — Family and friends got together on Sunday for Community Day at St. Clair field, where they enjoyed a kickball tournament, food, music and items for sale from several vendors. The event was organized by Tyzann Meekins, who is running for Ward 2 on the Cambridge City Council.

It’s not the first time she has put together an event to bring neighbors together, she said. The idea of unity and common cause is central to her campaign and goals as a commissioner.

Christopher Pinder, who is working with the campaign, said, “Tyzann’s biggest thing is: It takes a village. She can’t do it by herself.”
That means, he said, healing divisions in the city and on its council. “We want it to be of one accord,” he said, without conflict.

Voting for mayor and commissioners will take place on Oct. 17 at Chesapeake College on Race Street, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Cambridge voters in all wards also have the option of voting by mail. Ballots were sent on Saturday, and have been arriving at homes over the last few days.

Voters are asked to read and follow directions carefully if they choose to vote by mail.