Handsell Historic Site wins MHGP ‘Special Projects Award’

MD-hansel wins award 2x-061715
VIENNA — The Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage (MHGP) announced on June 15 that the state “Special Project Award” has been given to Dorchester County’s MHGP project, Handsell Historic Site in Vienna, the site is owned and operated by the Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance, recipients of the cash award and bronze plaque. The May 9 MHGP Dorchester tour brought 250 “pilgrims” to the county to tour 12 sites and private homes.

The newly-constructed “Chicone Village Project” on the Handsell property was one of the unique sites on this eclectic tour. Handsell was chosen from five county projects across the state for the Special Projects award. In total, the tour brought $8,000 to the Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance.

As a nonprofit, all volunteer organization, every penny of money raised goes toward the restoration of Handsell.

The Dorchester County MHGP was chaired by Midge Ingersoll, president of the Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance, who was assisted by a committee made up of various community volunteers: Caroline Cline, Georgie Feldman, Martha Hoyer, Clara Mae Stephens, Jeanne Bernard, Susie Middleton, Beth Ann Lynch, Jon Ingersoll, Cheryl Willey, Mickey Love and Rich Bright and dozens of people who served as hosts and hostesses at the homes.

The NHPA also partnered with the Dorchester Center for the Arts who provided the box lunches for the day at their facility. The homeowners who graciously opened their homes are to be thanked for the success of the tour.

More information on Handsell Historic Site can be found at www.restorehandsell.org

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