Habitat for Humanity sponsors ‘Habi-Hour’

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About a hundred women-builders, family and friends came to support the efforts of the volunteers in the Habitat Women Build Program.

EASTON — You might think that when women compare notes about nails, they are looking for a new salon or praising a manicurist. On Friday evening, that was not the case at “Habi-Hour,” the Habitat for Humanity variation of happy hour, held at the Brasserie Brightwell in Easton and sponsored by Habitat Choptank Women Build Program.

The nails mentioned at this event are the ones that go along with hammers, producing framing for drywall, installation of siding and floors, or a closet for a child’s room. Volunteer women builders have turned their energies to construction labor, acquiring new skills needed for demolition, and interior and exterior building as well. Nora Skiver describes building a new house for a family as “love with a skin on it.” She’s on a mission.

About a hundred women-builders, family and friends came to support the efforts of the women. A feeling of purpose is shared by all the volunteers in the Habitat Women Build Program.

Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt is Priest-in-Charge at All Faith Chapel in Tunis Mills. She is also an accomplished grouter of tiles, a skill she developed at a build site. She says, “This is a sterling opportunity to prove that women can do more than pick up brooms and paintbrushes. It tears down stereotypes.” She looks forward to the next all-women project on Pleasant Alley in Easton where she may use a power saw.

Pam Nichols, from Cambridge, also finds empowerment in an all-women crew. “We get to know each other and we are all working for the same cause.” Many of the Habitat houses are bought by a woman heading a family. Lowe’s has held clinics for volunteers like Pam who want to acquire construction skills needed for on-site work.

Rhodanna Fields, a Habitat project manager, says an all-women build is different. Enthusiasm is palpable and mutual support is evident. She also believes women can be more resourceful in overcoming a problem with a “we got this” spirit. And yes, there is lots of laughter.

On Friday, in the cheery atmosphere of the Habi-hour event, there was a raising of glasses to be sure, but the group was also raising awareness, confidence, and the needed funds for the next Women Build at 52 Pleasant Alley in Easton.

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