Galbraith in race to ‘Flip the First’

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Allison Galbraith visited Dorchester County Council Member Ricky Travers at Center Market in Cambridge on Friday. She is running in the Democratic primary for the District 1 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

CAMBRIDGE — Allison Galbraith aims to “Flip the First,” as her campaign literature puts it, as she has declared her candidacy in the Democratic primary election for the District 1 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The post is currently occupied by Rep. Andy Harris, a Republican.
Already active in Democratic Party work in Maryland, Ms. Galbraith is motivated to run by what she says are “out-of-touch politicians” who “ignore the concerns of everyday Americans.”

“We deserve better from our government. The people must come first,” a statement on her website says. “Every American — regardless of zip code, sex, gender, age, race, ethnicity, marital status, disability, religion, or sexual orientation — deserves equal opportunity to live a full and satisfying life. We should all be able to raise a family, own a home, save for the future, grow a business, serve our communities, and retire in comfort.”

In a visit to Cambridge on Friday, Ms. Galbraith visited Center Market to speak with operator Ricky Travers, who is also a member of the Dorchester County Council and active in the local Democratic Party. She said she wanted voters to know, “I am not a politician. I didn’t even have political aspirations.”

But when she learned that women might have to pay higher rates for health insurance, she decided to run for office. The move advances her involvement in Democratic activities — she was runner up in the primary two years ago, and serves the Shore counties and Harford in state-level party discussions.

Following are excerpts from Ms. Galbraith’s website.

I believe that healthcare is a human right, and to that end, I will support any legislation that increases access to healthcare.
The ACA was an improvement for many, including me; it allowed me to start a business. But it’s far from perfect. Costs are out of control, from premiums and deductibles to prescription costs and copayments. In our current system, patient, insurance, and provider interests are fundamentally misaligned.

Universal healthcare would not only improve health outcomes, it would lower costs, increase job mobility, remove barriers to retirement, enable entrepreneurship, and ease burdens on small businesses.

Economic Opportunity
America is a “land of opportunity,” yet a disgraceful number of Americans live in poverty. I believe that securing a basic standard of living and improving the quality of life for each and every individual is not only the right, but also the practical thing to do.

I will implement sustainable and fiscally responsible economic policies that create jobs, encourage growth, and protect workers’ rights. Through smart, targeted investments, we can leverage the strengths of both government and industry to create jobs, and achieve positive, enduring returns which benefit our community.

Healthcare expansion
I will also fight to promote healthy work-life balances and protect and expand workers’ rights to safe working environments, equal pay for equal work, paid vacation and sick leave, paid maternity/paternity/family leave, consistent hours, and a livable minimum wage.

The Environment
Preserving the environment is critical to protect our health, our economy, and our posterity. I support sensible policies and investments that create sustainable, affordable solutions to preserve our environment while protecting the interests of our residents, our watermen, our farmers, and future generations.

Technological advancements offer many possible solutions that create jobs. Clean energy technology such as wind, hydroelectric, and solar power can serve the energy needs of the community and provide energy choice while helping to fight climate change.

Students, teachers, and administrators must be given the tools, support, and flexibility they need to prepare students for a global economy. Every graduate of an American high school should possess the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce directly or to attend a trade school or higher education institution anywhere in the country, debt free.

I will work to ensure our local schools get the resources they need to attract great teachers, update facilities, invest in technology, test innovative approaches, and reduce class sizes, while meeting robust federal standards for accountability. I will work to remove the barriers many parents face in obtaining critical special education services.

Ethical Government
The government will not put people first until we get big money out of politics. We must overturn Citizens United, prohibit politicians from raising funds from interests they regulate, and limit campaign contributions and fundraising activities by lobbyists.

National Security
The men and women of our armed services — and their families — make incredible sacrifices to protect our country. They must be treated with respect, given the best tools available to complete their missions, and be honored for their contributions. We owe it to taxpayers to achieve these goals without breaking the bank.

Research and Development (R&D) and Training are critical investments to meet these goals. I specialize in program management and acquisition streamlining for defense R&D programs, which means I have experience in making the federal government operate more efficiently.

Ms. Galbraith said, “People deserve to know a Democrat is going to show up and we’re going to run a credible campaign.” For more information, visit