Foster is running for mayor

LaShon Foster

CAMBRIDGE — City Commissioner LaShon Foster (Ward 3) announced Friday on social media that she is running for mayor. The current mayor is Victoria Jackson-Stanley.

Ms. Foster’s statement said:
“Good evening Facebook family, friends and community. Giving honor to God that with each passing day in the mist of the virus and everything else we are still standing tall.
“Over the years I have advocated for, challenged many, stood tall for, a place that is my home and that I love, Cambridge. I am not afraid to stand against all odds.

“My mother and father taught me that if you do not stand for something you will stand for nothing. They taught me to stand up for what I believe in, and I believe in our city and the citizens of Cambridge.
“I believe that all of us together can collectively bring change to a city where our people are crying out, what about us? What about our children’s future, our elderly needs, how to make a living, a real living in our own city. Looking around, each of us has so much to offer, so much untouched talent.

“I see the unfairness in our ability to obtain a job here that pays a wage where we can say, I can make it beyond day to day and week to week. We need affordable rent, we need activities for all of us regardless of age. We need to not only be alive but feel like we are living beyond our dreams.
Today i announce my candidacy for mayor here in the City of Cambridge. Today, I am asking for your support to accomplish this task and we all get on board to make a change that is visible, livable and achievable for us all.
“I am asking my Facebook family, friends and community to support us by supporting me. Please spread the word to your friends and family.

“Thank you for being you because without you my goal of leading this city in a new direction will not be visible, livable or achievable. Looking forward to a successful campaign and a city where we all will lead and achieve.”

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Information also available on the website includes the location of polling places, how to get involved in the democratic process as a volunteer, and maps of the councilmanic districts.