Dorchester is ‘Storm Ready’

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Members of the Dorchester County Council congratulated Emergency Management Planner Steve Garvin as he received Storm Ready Certification on behalf of the county’s emergency services, from the National Weather Service’s Jonathan McGee. From the left are Ricky Travers (District 3), Mr. McGee, Lenny Pfeffer (District 4), Mr. Garvin, Jay Newcomb (District 1), Libby Nagel (District 5) and William Nichols (District 2).

CAMBRIDGE — Local residents can rest a little easier, knowing that Steve Garvin and his crew are trained, prepared and on the job. Mr. Garvin, emergency management planner in the county’s Department of Emergency Services, received Storm Ready Certification from the National Weather Service Office in Wakefield, Va., during the April 2 meeting of the Dorchester County Council.

Journeyman Forecaster Jonathan McGee made the presentation, saying the recognition made Dorchester the 20th storm-ready county in Maryland. “This recognition clearly shows your dedication to providing the citizens of, and visitors to, Dorchester County the best emergency management and preparedness operations possible,” Mr. McGee said.

“Your ability to monitor weather conditions and receive National Weather Service watches and warnings 24 hours a day is excellent. We feel the citizens of Dorchester County are well served by these capabilities,” Mr. McGee said.

The United States is the nation most prone to severe weather, “and Maryland’s Eastern Shore is particularly vulnerable,” Mr. McGee said. He noted the following criteria that must be met to be recognized as a storm-ready county:
• Establishing a 24-hour warning point in an emergency operations center;
• Having multiple ways to receive severe weather forecasts and warnings and to alert the public;
• Creation of a system to monitor local weather conditions;
• Promotion of the importance of public readiness through community seminars; and
• Development of formal hazardous readiness programs which include emergency training and exercises
“Everyone needs to be very proud of the emergency planning team here in Dorchester County,” Mr. McGee said. “I would like to thank Steve and the county council for their support.”

Council President William Nichols (District 2) said, “While we are home with our families, he and his staff, and all the rest of the ladies and gentlemen who work out there when the storm’s coming, they are there for us, so we can relax…You and your staff deserve this.”

Mr. Garvin addressed the council, saying, “We can’t do it without you supporting us, and we can’t do it without the National Weather Service.” He said in cases of severe weather, or when major events are being held in the county, he is on the phone with Wakefield, getting the latest information.

“It’s a partnership, it’s a whole community,” Mr. Garvin said.

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