Dorchester County Luncheon celebrates seniors

MD-Senior lunch celebrates crowd 3x

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
500 area seniors came out to enjoy the Dorchester County Senior Luncheon sponsored by the Rotary, Care & Share, and 1880 Bank.

CAMBRIDGE — For the 14th year in a row, Sailwinds was again the site of the Dorchester County Senior Luncheon on Dec. 10. All dressed up with someplace special to go, some 500 men and women showed up for the singular event that celebrates the county’s senior citizens. Sponsors include Rotary Club, Care and Share, and 1880 Bank.

Cambridge’s musical Mayor kicked off the packed-house party with some holiday sing-a-longs. Jerry Burroughs of Sailwinds said, “Preparations for such a big group start two weeks before the luncheon. The staff, Juan Lee and Chris Plummer, set up all the tables and chairs, and decorate. Five hundred meals require serious shopping, but only one man, Bob Boyd, does all the cooking.”

And a fine job Bob Boyd does with the turkey, which also gets dressed up, and there’s ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and mixed vegetables on a very substantial plate, But no one had to wait in line for food. Everyone was served by elves wearing red collars, actually student members of Interact, a group at Cambridge-South Dorchester High School. For some of the young people, it was their first time volunteering, but others were experienced hands, having served before. A better-looking, efficient, and polite group of elves you won’t find anywhere, even at the North Pole. Singer Missy LeComte entertained with Christmas songs and other requests, a welcome accompaniment to apple pie and cake.

Most of the guests were from Cambridge, others from East New Market, Hoopers Island, and even one guest from Salisbury. Smiles and laughter were proof of the luncheon’s success and comments like, “This is my 14th year,” and “I’m a senior citizen and so is my 89-year-old mother” and of course “Delicious!” and “Wonderful!” were just a few of the many reactions of pleasure and gratitude.

But there was also a question in some minds. “Will this happen next year at Sailwinds?” The future of Sailwinds is debated among city officials and the public. Jerry Burroughs, one of the directors, says “We have managed to keep it going without support from the city, making money from events. We also have an agreement that guarantees it cannot be shut down without a replacement.” Digesting all the facts concerning the future of Sailwinds is a lot harder than digesting the pleasant menu of the Senior Luncheon.

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