Dorchester County Council approves jet monument for airport

CAMBRIDGE — The Dorchester County Council recently voted to help get a project off the ground that will keep a jet on the ground at the Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport.

Meighan “Chris” Chisholm, airport manager, attended the Dec. 6 meeting of the council to request that a Hawker DH.125 business jet be permanently placed as a landmark in a highly visible location at the northern end of the airport. The area will be accessible to the public.

“It’s a beautiful business jet and it’s been at the airport for years and years,” Mr. Chisholm said. “Now, the owner wants to divest it. It has been on the ground so long, it would be too expensive to get it airworthy again. That doesn’t detract from the beauty of the airplane.”

While plans are yet to be finalized, Mr. Chisholm said the engines might be removed and donated to an airplane mechanic school. Council President Ricky Travers said perhaps the engines could remain in Dorchester County and classes could be held here. Mr. Travers mentioned there may be an opportunity to use the engines at the Dorchester County Career and Technology Center.

Once the engines are removed, Mr. Chisholm said, “We could have the airplane as a very visible landmark of the airport to the north of the building on the grass, with picnic tables beside it, where families could come in and spend a little time there. The children would be near the airplane — get them thinking aviation early on and it would be great for photo ops.”

E. Thomas Merryweather, county attorney, asked if there would be any need for ongoing maintenance. Mr. Chisholm said that even though the jet isn’t airworthy, it’s in good shape and would just need to be cleaned occasionally.

“We’re now asking that the council consider that and if acceptable, we would like to keep the airplane and put it on display,” Mr. Chisholm said. “We could notify the owner, and I think that it would be donated.”
The council unanimously approved the landmark.

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