Dorchester Circuit Court receives Historical Freedom Shrine mementos

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Dr. Carl S. Barham stands with Greg Meekins (left) and Don Bradley, two of the ten men who are honored on the Historical Freedom Shrine.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time had come.”

CAMBRIDGE — The Historical Freedom Shrine is a 20 ton blue granite monument dedicated to the 10 bold men who worked to bring about voter reform on the local and state level in Maryland, correcting a voting system that discriminated against minority voters.

The 10 men honored on the monument are George C. Jones, Charles F. Hurley Sr., Don W. Bradley, Oliver Harding, Richard Harding, William Reid, Edward Conway, William O. Corkran, Leon Medford, and Gregory Meekins.

The inscription on the monument reads: “We the people honor these men who brought democracy to Dorchester County July 8, 1985 by a change of the Constitution of Maryland ordered by the United States Courts.”

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Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
The Historical Freedom Shrine in Hurlock is a 20 ton blue granite monument dedicated to the 10 bold men who worked to bring about voter reform in Maryland

The Historical Freedom Shrine was created in 1987, and it is located on private property on the west side of East New Market-Ellwood Road (Maryland Route 331/16) 0.4 miles south of Preston Road (Maryland Route 318).

On March 25, at 11 a.m.- noon, Dr. Carl S. Barham donated to Amy J. Craig, clerk of the court, two large framed historical photographic prints. The presentation was made during a formal ceremony at the Dorchester Circuit Court.

First a photo-montage was donated of the 10 local men who were instrumental in bringing about voting reform on the local and statewide level, followed by the gift of the Historical Freedom Shrine. Dr. Barham made available handouts, pictures and a documented notebook on his research. Two of the 10 men were present at the ceremony. They were Don Bradley and Greg Meekins.

The 16 guests present were William E. Batson, Hubert Wright IV, Charlotte Bradley, Don Bradley, Rick Price, Hershall Johnson, Charles Hurley Jr., Troy Hill, Greg Meekins, Joyce Spratt, Leotha Hull, Amanda Fenstermaker, Sally Rankin, George Ames, and Paul Clipper (photographer).

Presently, you will find the photo-montage and historical freedom shrine displayed in the County Council Chamber, Cambridge Public Library, Hurlock Branch Library and Hurlock United Methodist Church.

“My primary mission statement is to educate the public, to celebrate and to preserve the Historical Freedom Shrine for future generations. This special project and donation is one of the ways I can provide service and give back to my community.”

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