DCS will help seniors with mounds of mail

Submitted photo/DCS
Mary Handley, left, and Arlene Moaney are ready to help seniors sort out what is important and what isn’t in their mail.

CAMBRIDGE — In a “paperless society,” many of us still battle piles of unopened mail piling up on the kitchen counter or dining room table. Seniors, in particular, find dealing with mail and bills particularly daunting.

Many are unable to determine what is important and what is junk. Others just can’t face the reality of so many bills to pay and just don’t open the envelopes letting them pile up.

Recognizing this problem, the senior program at Delmarva Community Services, Inc. in Cambridge will hold “Sort Your Mail” day on Feb. 27 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. This event invites folks to throw their mail in a bag and bring it in to Mary Handley and Arlene Moaney who will sort the mail with the person. With the individual’s permission, junk mail and duplications will be discarded and plans can be made to assist how to tackle the rest.

Mary Handley and Arlene Moaney represent the Maryland Department of Aging in Dorchester County. “When we make home visits, it is the norm to see piles upon piles and the seniors confess that they just can’t bear to deal with it. We have always encouraged folks individually to bring in letters or mail they don’t understand so we have lots of experience sorting, determining what might be a scam and helping them deal with the rest.”

“Almost immediately folks are relieved when the mountain becomes so much smaller” Ms. Moaney said. “I thought it would be a great idea to have one day and encourage folks to come in. We have a team ready to help.”

Sort Your Mail day will be held at Delmarva Community Services, Inc. 2450 Cambridge Beltway. Appointments are not necessary but are welcome. For information, call 410-221-1930.