Crews fix Woods Road sink hole, closures may still be needed

CAMBRIDGE — The Cambridge Department of Public Works staff worked through most of Friday night with service providers to repair a city sewer line which caused a sink hole to form at the intersection of Woods Road and eastbound US Rt. 50 first discovered early Tuesday morning.

The line was finally accessed early Friday morning after extensive pumping and careful excavation to avoid other adjacent utility lines, and work continued until flow had been restored at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

City staff worked with Maryland Environmental Service around the clock to pump the closed line free of waste and debris in order to keep affected businesses on Washington Street open.

“There were only a handful of businesses possibly affected, but it was an interesting situation, because that quarter-mile stretch has manufacturing, restaurants and retail, each with different needs,” said Brandon Hesson, associate director of Economic Development for the City of Cambridge. “None of them reported issues with their sewer service, and all were able to continue business as usual, which is a testament to the work of all of the staff who stayed through the night and into the next day to prevent unnecessary interruptions.”

Woods Road closures may still occur as road work to replace a curb and finalize paving to meet State Highway Department standards continues through the week.

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