County Council lauds 27 years of service in DOC

MD-2xsa Elsie Ennals DOC retirement

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After 27 years of service to the Dorchester County Department of Corrections, Elsie Ennals has retired and she was commended by the County Council for her good work. She worked as an administrative associate for the Department of Corrections. The Department’s Paula Kane said of Ms. Ennals, “I have never worked with an individual who would take everybody’s weight on her shoulders. We’ve had several individuals lose family members and she was always there. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m gonna miss her!” Pictured are Oliver Ennals, Paula Kane, Councilmen Ricky Travers and Rick Price, Elsie Ennals, Councilmen Tom Bradshaw and Don Satterfield.

CAMBRIDGE — Dorchester County Council started out their Feb. 16 meeting with a commendation on the retirement of Elsie Ennals from the Department of Corrections. There was also a proclamation declaring February Children’s Oral Health Month.

The agenda was quickly covered thereafter. A revision of the status of section two of Mill Pond at Cabin Creek was submitted by Planning and Zoning to stop an eight-month stall in the development of the Mill Pond subdivision. The revision was improved with hope that construction will soon move forward.

A Traffic Safety Committee recommendation concerning Buttons Neck Road in Church Creek/Woolford was approved, albeit opposed by Councilman Price. The request asked for lowering the speed limit to 35 mph and erecting Children at Play signs to slow traffic down.

A letter of support requests for a grant application submitted by Maryland Rural Development was approved next, along with a budget transfer request for emergency services submitted by the Sheriff’s Office. The budget transfer was to pull back $7,000 not needed for a recent vehicle purchase. A request to purchase a cardiac monitor submitted by Emergency Medical Services was also approved.

Approval for a grant acceptance submitted by Dorchester County Tourism was approved, this was a Maryland Office of Tourism grant. A Maryland Heritage Area Authority grant budget amendment for the Water Moves Us visitor center exhibit was approved as well.

Gypsy moth aerial suppression requested by the Maryland Department of Agriculture was discussed and approved next. There are three plots of land in Dorchester County that are affected by gypsy moths, and this is the year they must be sprayed. The county’s portion of the expense is $2,150. Also from the DOA was a mosquito control budget request, that was also approved.

A letter of support request for a Board of Trustees Appointment for Chesapeake College was approved, with Cambridge Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley as the appointee. Also approved was a correspondence request by the Vienna Fire Company. The fire company needs a letter stating that no part of county funds will be approved for the purchase of an ambulance, in order to ensure successful application for a grant for the same ambulance.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board nominations were discussed, and a letter of support request for Senate Bill 729 submitted by Senator Stephen S. Hershey Jr. was granted. The Critical Area Commission asked for a nomination of a county representative, with Councilman Satterfield nominated.

A letter of support request from the Dorchester County YMCA in support of Senate Bill 183 was granted, and a telephone poll confirmation from the Hurlock Fire Department was confirmed. Finally, a request to advertise for an administration associate position at the detention center was granted.

There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned. The next County Council meting will be held on March 1.

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