County Council commends Star of Life recipients

MD-3xsa County Council commends Layfield & Dean

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
Shown in the picture are Councilman Tom Bradshaw, Charles Layton, EMS Chief Andy Robertson, Edward Dean, Council president Ricky Travers, and Councilman Rick Price.

Dorchester County Council recently delivered a commendation to Charles Layfield and Edward Dean, of Dorchester County Emergency Services. Mr. Layfield and Mr. Dean were on site at the Bay Bridge 10k race on November 8, 2015, when a 73 year old participant collapsed with a cardiac arrest incident. Layfield and Dean immediately went to work on the victim, attaching monitoring equipment and used a defibrillator to revive and stabilize him. The victim was transported to the hospital and survived with no neurological damage. For their efforts, the team were presented with the Maryland Star of Life Award, and Dorchester County would like to recognize Layfield and Dean with this commendation.

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