Council is asked to increase funding for animal welfare

CAMBRIDGE — Volunteers concerned with the welfare of animals in Dorchester updated the county council Feb. 19 on their activities. Cammie Lewis, Troi Lynn and others first spoke to the board on Feb. 5, after seeing a dog left outdoors in cold weather.

At the Feb. 19 meeting, Ms. Lewis told council members that she had learned that the Sheriff’s Office has agreed to reinstate a committee to pursue improvements in animal control, and that a smaller subcommittee will be formed to help compile and condense citizens’ suggestions for improvements.

A document submitted to the council by Ms. Lewis read in part, “This is a letter of peaceful intent asking for assistance from you in the form of: reviewing the current codes and ordinances regarding Dorchester County dog control, working with the committee created by the sheriff in order to change and enforce the laws, location for the new dog control facility, and consideration for allowing/allocating funds during the this next budgetary meeting in March (as well as any future 2019 budgetary meetings) in order to aid the Sheriff’s Office by means of assistance and/or staff, however small. By helping with the location and creation of the new facility, this may assist in the ability of having volunteers who help staff, support and potential fundraising.”

Ms. Lewis said she has received support for the project over the last couple of weeks.
“The citizens are on board,” she told the council members. “We can do it. There’s good energy here.”

Ms. Lewis said suggestions and information can be sent to the subcommittee at
Dorchester County Dog Control is a sub-unit under the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office. “We are the primary animal control service,” a statement on the group’s social media site says. “Dog adoptions are available.”

The unit is based at 829 Fieldcrest Road in Cambridge. Phone 410-228-3083.

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