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CAMBRIDGE— For more than a century, The Banner’s mission has been to educate and celebrate the Heart of Chesapeake Country, and to fulfill that mission, we have published countless stories about the people who make this community what it is. But we know there are more stories out there–people who haven’t received the recognition they may deserve. To bring these people into community focus, the Dorchester Banner annually presents our Hometown Heroes awards.

Too often in our desire to report the news of the day, we overlook the small triumphs. There are many people trying to make a difference who rarely receive the attention they deserve. “ Hometown Heroes “ is our attempt to correct this. It is our salute to local residents who don’t go looking for attention, but deserve it. People who through their ideas, effort and dedication are making a difference in the lives of other people.

This year the Banner has received 22 nominations for Hometown Heroes, and their profiles, as submitted to the paper, follow. Our judges’ final selections will be revealed in the February 17th issue of the Dorchester Banner, and our Heroes for 2016 will be honored at a reception on the 18th.

2016 Nominees:

Circuit Court of Dorchester County Clerk’s Office Staff
In December 2011, my staff changed their focus at Christmas time. Instead of giving to each other they decided to give to their community. Over the past four years they have given of themselves through money and time to assist citizens and children in need in Dorchester County. In 2015, they graciously gave to a family through the Rescue Fire Company. By sponsoring a single mother and two of her children they not only helped a family, but they also helped themselves to achieve the best gift of all – HELPING OTHERS!

My staff has come to learn that service isn’t just through assisting those entering the Circuit Court system, but also helping the community. They have volunteered to help their community during the Christmas season. Four years ago they started giving back of themselves to the community and citizens of Dorchester County. While my nomination reflects 2015, they have also assisted with food and gifts to the Lutheran Mission, the Salvation Army and another single mother and her two children who live in close proximity of the Courthouse. The year they helped the single mother and her two sons, we were so pleased when they came to the Courthouse hill and sledded during a snow event that year and they had their coats, hats and gloves on that we had given them. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Antoine Patton
It is very difficult to pick the appropriate category for Antoine Patton. He is truly dedicated to the community. He has fostered children that others gave up on. He is a Sgt. at Cambridge Police Dept. and works in community projects. If you ever need a police officer he is the face you want to see. He coaches local sports and is a dedicated family man. Sgt. Patton will always go the “extra mile” to serve and protect.

April Dean Goodman
April is always helping someone. Whether it be an organization trying to raise money for a worthy cause, or helping a homeless person get to doctor appointments (and then following up with the person to make sure they were taking their meds), she is always at the ready to jump into action to provide help. Recently when she heard that the Salvation Army didn’t get enough people to “adopt” a child’s name at Christmas to ensure they had a gift to open on Christmas, she told them she would “adopt” all the remaining children, and there were lots of them. She went into action by putting out the word on her Facebook page to all that help was needed and she coordinated the gift gathering with the help of all her friends, every name on the list received a gift.
There were bags of toys sitting lined up on the sidewalk outside her shop, Bliss, after her call went out and I’m sure many children were happy Christmas day because of her efforts. She donates things to all kinds of worthy efforts to help raise money for churches, cheerleaders etc. etc. If someone or something needs help, fixing, or even just a hug, April Dean Goodman is your girl. Always at the ready for the next challenge, whether it be her own, or someone else’s, to lend a helping hand to make things better. She has been that way her whole life.

Bessie Griep
Mrs. Bessie Griep has been a blessing to the children of Maple Elementary for so many years even she isn’t sure how many. For at least the last 12 years she has volunteered at the school three mornings a week, helping kindergartners take the beginning steps on their education journey: reading to them, helping them with their alphabet and numbers, building their confidence, and giving lots of hugs. Known to staff and students alike as “Mom-Mom”, she is ‘encourager-in-chief’, reinforcing the work of the teachers, working patiently with individual youngsters until they understand a certain letter sound or number concept. But is isn’t just about academics. Mom-Mom ensures that no one leaves her presence without feeling loved and valued and it isn’t unusual to see her ‘graduates’, in 1st or 2nd grade or even older, come by her work area for a hug and reassurance. Her mantra is that every child is precious. Hundreds of Dorchester County children have their lives enriched by Mom-Mom over the years; she is truly a Hometown Hero.

Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar works incessantly:
Pastor of Adventist Church
Youth groups in Cambridge/Salisbury
Co-Chair Faith Alliance
Changing and broadening scope:
Police Board (Also search comm.)
Baseball Game co/organizer
Board WHCP Radio
Board – Anchor Point
Home visits – Elderly and Inform
Counseling – Youth – Marriage

Chief Dan Dvorak
The chief has made differences in:
1. Public perception
2. Diversity
3. Police morale
4. Contact with children in schools
5. Gotten to know organizations in town
6. Has increased presence in town

David Cannon
My father has given over 30 years of coaching into the community of Dorchester County. He has help inspire many kids that had nothing and made them believe they can be someone. As a man of a small business construction company he helps the elders by giving them help through repairs on their home at times doing things for free. He has given his days and nights to help raise three kids that were not his own children but his grandchildren. When they had no one to teach them to throw a ball or shoot a hoop he made sure they not only knew how to do that but he would get off of work with a hurt back and sit on a white barrel bucket and throw countless balls to them until it was too dark to do so. He has coached teams to make the second string feel like they are the first string and when they feel they had no more to give he would do what he does best gives them a pep talk to get their head back into the game. He has given many kids rides to and from games and practices along with a truck full of equipment. This man would not only give you his shirt off his back he would give you his last dollar to not see you go hungry. If you ask about David (whitey) Cannon not one person could say anything negative only a positive story how he has impacted their life. I could go on and on but I will leave it short and to the point but if you consider him and see him as we do in the community I can give you so many impactive stories that he has given to children over the last 30 years in Cambridge Little League, Pop Warner football, Rec basketball league along with YMCA basketball leagues the list can go on and on.

Dr. Carol R. Lewis
Dr. Lewis is a veterinarian and the president of Snip Tuck Inc., a non-profit, low cost spay & neuter clinic in Secretary. Snip Tuck was founded in 2008, and she is the only remaining active founder on the board. Dr. Lewis is passionate about Snip’s mission: to stop animal overpopulation, not only in Dorchester County but on the Eastern Shore. As a veterinarian, she sees the suffering overpopulation causes, particularly in cats. There are not enough homes for all the homeless cats. Dr. Lewis is one of 2 volunteer vets, currently working one Saturday a month altering 40-80 cats.
Under her leadership, Snip Tuck has applied for and received numerous local & state grants to benefit Dorchester County residents by providing spaying & neutering of cats at low cost or no cost to those in need. Dr. Lewis has a gift of rallying others together who share the same mission, and has been helping animals for many years, often making sacrifices to do so.

While Dorchester County is her home county, Dr. Lewis does not recognize borders when it comes to helping homeless animals in need. She also volunteers her time and talents at the Worcester County Humane Society. She owns Healing Hands Animal Hospital in Salisbury MD.

I am honored to nominate Dr. Lewis for Hometown Heroes’ Lifetime Achievement Award.
She meets all of the criteria you set forth. I am proud of her and all the good work she does – she makes personal sacrifices, such as spending time with her family, to help animals.

Eric Otey
Eric has been a role model and mentor coach since he moved here 9 years ago. Eric coaches Cambridge-South Dorchester Viking football and serves as defensive coordinator. Known as “Mr. Fitness” at the Dorchester County YMCA where he works as a certified trainer, Eric motivates people of all ages instructing his boot camp. Eric has been a History teacher at Mace’s Lane Middle School before joining the Dorchester County Sheriffs office. Eric not only serves and protects this community but has been a positive role model helping lead the youth of Dorchester.

Eric use to work within the Dorchester Co. school system. Eric is the Defensive Coach for the CSD Vikings. He is Coach Coleman’s right hand man. As for his character, Eric is very much a positive role model, he does volunteer at the Y, he does sacrifice time from his family, he brings a positive attitude to all that know him, he not only encourages a good education, but he helps tutors and teaching the value of a good education and a good citizenship for the kids he knows. He sets a good example in so many ways. Coach Otey is not just a Coach to these players and teenagers but a Mentor, someone they can talk to, get advice from, he can be their friend or their worst enemy.
Coach Otey is also a dedicated Police Officer Otey, he pursued his passion in law enforcement and is now employed with the Sheriff’s Dept. He not only is a policeman, a coach, a mentor, but he also runs a boot camp at the YMCA, and he still finds time to be a great husband and father. I am proud to call him our family friend, and I would like to nominate Eric Otey in your Mentor/Coach category. I think he is more than deserving of this honor of being a Hometown Hero.

Fred Haller
Fred volunteers his time to continue to make Dorchester County a place where people want to work, live and play.

1) He has served as the Chair of the Dorchester County Family YMCA’s Heart of the Chesapeake Bike Tour…championing the Bob Brannock Endowment Fund.
2) He also is on the board of Habitat for Humanity and works weekly on building houses here in Dorchester County.
3) He actively supports and promotes local tourism (Chicone Indian Village) and is working as part of a committee to expand the Rails to Trails bike path in Dorchester County.
4) Active supporter of the Dorchester Center for the Arts, Dorchester County Family YMCA, Habitat for Humanity and other non-profits in Dorchester County.

Gage Thomas
I would like to nominate Gage Thomas for the Lifetime Achievement Hero designation. He has not only volunteered thousands of hours, but has been a true community leader. Since returning home to Cambridge in 1994, which he has always considered home, he has immersed himself in the community in so many different areas. Many have enjoyed the fruits of his labors, but few know or acknowledge his contribution for the betterment of Cambridge and Dorchester County over the years.

Gage’s only reward has been the satisfaction of knowing that he’s made a difference in people’s lives and improved the quality of life. The culmination of his work is both noteworthy and remarkable, warranting recognition, praise and thanks. I’m hoping Hometown Heroes will give Gage his due recognition.

In 1997, Gage was a charter member/founder of the Association for the Revitalization of Cambridge (ARC). As its president, he successfully attained the Maryland Main Street designation in 2003 and ARC became Cambridge Main Street. The success of that organization and revitalization of Downtown Cambridge continues, and Cambridge Main Street has received a number of State awards. He has been a longstanding volunteer at all of their events.

By 1997, donations for the United Fund of Dorchester had dropped to just $25,000 per year. Gage came on as director in 1997, and in 1999 was elected president. As president of the United Fund, he negotiated a merger with the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore (UWLES) and served 11 years as a director and vice president on that board, and as its president 2008/2009. Donations for Dorchester County rose to over $250,000.
In 1995, Gage was elected as a director for the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce, and he launched the first Ambassador Program, co-chaired the Seafood Feastival, and chaired the “The Fabulous Hubcaps” event for numerous years, until discontinued. He was elected president of the Chamber in 2000, and launched a membership campaign to take the membership to new highs.

In 1999, Gage was elected and served 13 years as a director of Sailwinds Park, Inc., the non-profit organization charged with the fulfillment of the Sailwinds Vision and the development of the former Cambridge Marine Terminal for economic development and job creation. Out of that effort, came Governors Hall which was completely repurposed into a community event venue, with HVAC and a full commercial kitchen that has hosted numerous community activities. During the last six years, he served as president of Sailwinds Park, Inc. until he retired in 2012.

As a member of Rotary, he volunteers for the annual Dictionary program for 3rd graders, the pancake breakfast fundraiser, the Senior Dinner at DCS, and Senior Christmas Dinner at Governors Hall at Sailwinds Park. He is a level two Paul Harris Fellow for the Rotary Foundation.

Gage has been an active volunteer for the Junior Achievement (JA) program and was part of its implementation into the Dorchester County School System in 2009. The program teaches financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness. As a volunteer teacher/mentor, Gage has taught every year since its inception to the 2nd-9th graders.

Due to financial hardship, Camp Thendara in Hurlock was taken back by the University of Maryland 4-H Foundation. As a business leader, Gage was asked to be a director on the newly formed Camp Thendra Management Board, to help turn things around. Through fundraising, all major renovations have been made, groups are using the facility, and the financial statement has never been stronger. Gage subsequently served on the Maryland 4-H Foundation Board to serve all 4-H programs and statewide facilities.
He currently serves as president of the Extension Advisory Council (EAC) and has served on that board for over 10 years. The EAC provides input and direction for the many local Extension Agency programs.

The Cambridge Elks Lodge #1272 is a fraternal organization that supports youth, veterans, and community non-profit organizations. A member since 1998, he has served as an officer in many different capacities, including House Committee Chairman, Trustee for seven years, president for two terms, and as Chairman of the Board for five years. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are just a few important programs, along with Americanism, Drug Awareness, and Scholarships.

In addition all of Gage’s volunteering, he was elected in 2008 to public office as a Commissioner for the City of Cambridge. Now in his second terms, he serves as Co-Chair of the Finance Committee and helped engineer a plan that took a $1 million deficit in 2008 to a current level of a $1.2 million surplus. He enjoys the challenges of the office while helping Cambridge move forward.


– Cambridge Water Tower Logo/Slogan Project
– “Light Up Cambridge” Christmas Decorating Contest and “Hall of Flame” (1997)
– Cambridge 325th Anniversary Architect and Chairman
– 2020 Waterfront Vision
– Founder and Chairman of Choptank Heritage Skipjack Race (1997)
– Volunteer for Eagleman and Ironman Triathlons since inception
– Easter Bunny for County Easter Egg Hunt since 1997
– Santa for numerous non-profit groups
– Former director for the Choptank River Lighthouse Committee
– “Neat Streets” volunteer to keep community streets clean
– Member of Post 91 American Legion (SAL)

Herschel F. Johnson
Although Mr. Johnson was born in East New Market, Maryland (Thompsontown), he and his wife Dorothy have resided in Christ Rock since 1970, where they have remained active citizens throughout their tenure in the community.

It is evident that his leadership qualities were nurtured by his mother, Pensacola Johnson Sampson. They were reinforced through activities in his life such as being an outstanding orator in the Mace’s Lane High School Public Speaking Club, a faithful servant to his country as a member of the United States Air Force, a dedicated member and president of the Dorchester County Board of Education, a diligent employee of the United States Postal Service, and a regular attendee of the monthly meetings of the Choptank Region History Network Discussion Group which focuses its attention on the achievements of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad on the Eastern Shore.

Herschel’s active and wide range of involvement in the community at large caught my attention and prompted me to nominate him as an Unsung Hometown Hero in the Community Volunteer category. His name is not just on the roster of the following organizations, but he supports them wholeheartedly with his generosity of time and a wealth of knowledge:

• Board of Directors of Dorchester County Recreation and Parks
• Board of Directors CASA of the Mid-Shore
• President of the East New Market Heritage Committee
• Dorchester General Hospital Association Board
• Treasurer of the Dorchester County NAACP
• Treasurer of the Mace’s Lane High School Alumni Association
• Treasurer of the Mace’s Lane High School Class of 1958
• Treasurer of the Camper-Fisher Family Reunion Committee
• Coach Dorchester County Youth Basketball League for 48 years
• Dorchester County School Bd. Minority Achievement Task Force

I personally know of Mr. Johnson’s leadership ability and skills (attention to details, communication with committee members, determination, and tenacity) as they apply to the Friends of the Stanley Institute, Inc. I saw him take up the mantle from Mr. William H. Kiah and Mr. Woodrow Pinder, Jr. as president. I have attended several meetings with him at the State House in Annapolis, Maryland, where he testified and lobbied for grants on behalf of the Stanley Institute School and the Christ Rock United Methodist Church. I have been involved in hands on activities and have witnessed enormous reports and paper work required to be completed in order to secure the preservation easements for both the school and the church.

Mr. Herschel F. Johnson is a community volunteer indeed worthy of becoming an “Unsung Hometown Hero”.

Jennifer Kelly Grier
Jennifer has gone out of her way for many years for others as a pharmacist at Craig’s Drug Store. After working long hours everyday she goes to customers homes to deliver prescriptions, organize their medication each week or just to comfort them during a difficult time. Jennifer is a role model for our new generation in pharmacy and medical occupations. She goes out of her way to make her customers feel safe and comforted after going through a traumatic situation with their health or a family members health issue. Jennifer handles every customer like family even if she just met you. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question she takes hardly no time in finding it out so that you never leave her with unanswered questions. No matter what time of the day or night it is Jennifer who will go out of her way to help someone. She answers her phone or returns your call quickly for those in need no matter if it is 2am. Helping others is her passion and a huge loving heart was inherited. We see her passion and feel the warmth from her loving heart on a daily basis. Cambridge and Craig’s Drug Store certainly has a huge Hometown Hero among them with Jennifer Kelly Grier, as well as a friend and family member. Jennifer has been my hero for a long time but I nominate her for Our Hometown Hero.

Jerry T. Burroughs
I would like to nominate Jerry T. Burroughs for the Hometown Hero award for his endless efforts in community service for the City of Cambridge. Jerry has lived here most of his life, with the exception of the time spent serving his country as a member of the United States Air Force (1963-1974) and has worked tirelessly to contribute to the betterment of his hometown. Over the past decade, as the former City Planner, I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry in various capacities, most notably in his role as the former Chairman of the City’s Planning Commission. His dedication to that responsibility has served as an inspiration, not only to me, but to his fellow commissioners, as well. Together, under his charge, they have been faced with many challenging decisions regarding the development and redevelopment of Cambridge, during some tough and heady times. All of these decisions, from the drafting the award winning Comprehensive Plan to the recently adopted Unified Code, just to name a few, were made with the bright future of Cambridge in the forefront. These two efforts alone, involved a tremendous amount of community input and countless hours of meetings and discussions all of which were lead by Jerry Burroughs.

Being a member of the Planning Commission is just one of many, many ways that Jerry has served his community, always giving back. Over the years he has served and contributed to the University of Maryland Shore Health Public Relations Board, the YMCA Board, the Maces Lane Alumni Board, the Sojourner Douglas Advisory Board, the Cambridge Mainstreet Board and the list goes on and on. If there was ever a case of ‘paying it forward’ in community service, I can think of no one who has accomplished this more than Jerry Burroughs!

Judy Slaughter
If you want something done, give it to a busy woman. Judy is active in many pursuits.
The Battle of the Ice Mound (1812)

Services at the State Hospital – Labyrinth at State Hospital – Garden Therapy Treatment Tool – Toolbox for Projects, Federal Garden Club Board

Dorchester Center for the Arts – Dorchester Gift and Gallery Committee
In a small town, she proves you can do big things.

Katie Mae Smith
Katie Mae Smith who owns Katie Mae’s Country Shoppe has spearheaded Community business drives to feed the hungry at Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving meals for children through the schools and putting together the Miracle on Poplar Christmas event which resulted in businesses working together to provide toys for hundreds of children in the area. Katie does this without looking for recognition and commits numerous hours of her time to those in need.

Katie does a lot for the community and works very hard at all she does. The atmosphere at the store is always welcoming and peaceful. The food is always fresh and tasty. Overall A+

Laurie Dean
Laurie is a “Do Gooder.” She is the clerk at the window of the Cambridge post office who greets everyone with a smile. People have told me when they are down in the dumps they go to the post office to get cheered up by the girl at the window. Laurie used her allotted vacation time from the post office to take a friend, Gary, back and forth to Salisbury for cancer treatments because he did not have a ride. She visited an elderly lady on Mother’s Day who had no children, because she felt the lady was sad and needed some cheering up. One day an older lady came in the post office to say she had dropped a letter and it blew down in the window well beside the post office. Laurie said no problem, and went outside and climbed over the rail and jumped into the window well and retrieved the letter and climbed back up. Oh to be young and nimble like that again. Laurie does things behind the scenes, and was born with a smile on her face. A Hometown Hero to me.

Mayor Joyce Spratt
For her service to the town of Hurlock and surrounding areas. For having compassion and a caring spirit. For bringing businesses to the town. For reaching out to seniors and people suffering from cancer. For looking out for Mrs. Margaret Majors when her home burned to the ground. That’s a Hometown Hero.

She deserves recognition for her outstanding commitment and services in the community and surrounding areas. She also reached out to many cancer patients, extending her help in every way needed. She’s on her job as Mayor of the town of Hurlock and always there to help.

Michael and Jane Maloney
Michael C. Maloney and his wife Jane Maloney are deserving of a lifetime achievement award by the Dorchester Banner. In addition to Mike’s contributions as a three time elected State’s Attorney for the county, he and Jane have provided numerous Dorchester County citizens with exceptional legal services in hundreds of civil and criminal cases. Mike and Jane have built perhaps the most effective law office in Cambridge and have been willing to share their Christian values through their For His Glory Ministry. They are humanitarians who care about people less fortunate than themselves.

Mike Starling
Mike Starling is the founder, General Manager, and total force behind WHCP Radio 101.5 FM, the Cambridge Community Radio station at 512 Poplar Street in downtown Cambridge. Mike has worked tirelessly to bring his dream of WHCP to reality over the past year.
His enthusiasm has been contagious as he’s welcomed and trained numerous volunteers to share their love of Cambridge, its people and its heritage, with the radio listeners.
He’s encouraged those same volunteers to become on-air hosts for a wide variety of music programs on WHCP, inviting them to share their passion for their favorite genre, not just on the Mid-Shore, but worldwide through streaming.

Mike Starling moved to Dorchester County about 8 years ago. A long-time radio man, with a 35 year career at NPR, Mike’s dream was to start up a community radio station in Cambridge. Working tirelessly for several years, he made contacts with old colleagues from NPR, cobbled together a group of citizens of Cambridge who shared his passion and vision and on July 4 2015, WHCP-FM moved out of the barn at Mike’s home and into the studio on Poplar Street and went live on the air. Mike acquired all the electronic hardware for the station at little or no cost from NPR stations around the country. He gathered folks interested in music, public affairs and broadcasting and set up programming, a college internship and is working on a reading service for the visually impaired. When Mike sleeps is a mystery to all of us involved with the station which has grown from 1000 tunes played off his i-pod to a play list of 40,000 songs, Swing, Boomer Tunes, Indie Rock, Jazz, Blues, a Mid-Shore news and interest program as well as news and other diverse programming from many sources. Mike has brought new life to the airwaves in Cambridge, involved a wide variety of people and sparked the passion in all of us who strive to make Cambridge truly a great place to be!

The station has brought positive recognition to our community. Mike is seeking through the station to engage the Community College and its students in this work. He is working to tell over the airways the many stories of Cambridge and Dorchester County both past and present.

He deserves to be recognized for all that he has been able to accomplish with the radio station in such a short period of time.

Mobile Crisis
Caro Masden and her wonderful organization have made a huge impact on countless persons and families in our community, as well as saved thousands of dollars to the health care system. With their support, compassion and consideration for those they serve and organizations helped they continue to make a difference!

Nancy Snyder
Leader and Facilitator for Wednesday Morning Artists for many years. Raises money for DCA.

Pastor Christina Blake
It is my honor and pleasure to nominate Pastor Christina “Tina” Blake, for Faith/Spiritual Hometown hero.
Pastor Tina has been the pastor of Grace United Methodist Church for 4 years. As a member of the church I have seen many examples of her ministry and talents and I have long been impressed by her Christian character, diligence and work ethics. Pastor Tina has been both admired and respected by the members at Grace, as well as other churches in our community. She has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she must face in her ministry or any other endeavor.

Aside from the regular Sunday morning services already in place, she has started several new programs including Story Time with Toddlers, handing out bag lunches in front of the church on Fridays, several bible studies, and a spiritual dance class. Pastor Tina is very involved with the backpack program that sends school-age children home with food to last the weekend, and while Early Morning Grace at 8:45 isn’t new to Grace Church, her commitment to this service has made this service the most popular, with attendance growing by leaps and bounds every Sunday morning.

As you are aware in March of 2015 JoAnn Hutton, a leader of Grace Church was diagnosed with cancer. Pastor Tina, while trying to help the members of Grace deal with the frustration and anger of such horrid disease, realized that cancer not only affected our church and our members but it affected all of us. Because of this she invited everyone to our church, for a new service on Wednesday called Joann’s Prayer Warriors and then decided that this program needed to keep going even after JoAnn lost her battle.

Her skills do not end with her church work. She also projects a warm, cheerful attitude to all she meets. I have seen her resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. She loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. I believe these characteristics represent all that is good, and I am pleased to nominate her. Thank you for your consideration

Patrick Hurley
Patrick is always 1st in line to volunteer to help anyone, the Main Street people. He also helps build the crab tree every year.

He is known by everyone, that if they need help with anything, he is always there.
He and several other people this spring, helped save a woman at Snapper’s that fell off a boat. They should be noticed for that.

Patrick has volunteered and given his time for practically everything Cambridge Main Street has asked of him. He was a volunteer for Taste of Cambridge, Summer Sendoff, IronFest, the Bushel Basket Christmas Tree, as well as other opportunities like hanging wreaths and banners. He is easily the most reliable and dedicated volunteer for a group which relies heavily on our community’s help.

His isn’t above getting his hands dirty, but is also always looking for a better, more efficient way to accomplish a task.

He is home grown, right here in Cambridge, and he knows all the right people to help where it is needed. His connections provided us professional-grade staging for Taste of Cambridge, as well as great donated resources to help on future projects.

Volunteers take on many shapes and sizes, and while most tend to be retired and/or more affluent, Patrick is a younger example to many in our community, and works full time, finding the time to dedicate to our volunteer organization.

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