Chief Dan reinstated after computer investigation

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper Cambridge Police Chief Dan Dvorak has been reinstated after being put on leave while an investigation into non-departmental computer equipment was conducted.

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
Cambridge Police Chief Dan Dvorak has been reinstated after being put on leave while an investigation into non-departmental computer equipment was conducted.

CAMBRIDGE — Police Chief Dan Dvorak was placed on administrative leave in this city on Aug. 25, after questions arose about non-department computer equipment found in his possession.

In a closed-door session of the Cambridge City Council on Monday evening, the situation was investigated and reconciled, and Chief Dvorak was reinstated as of 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

In an official statement, Chief Dvorak said, “Last week, some concerns were raised about equipment in my possession that I used in my computer management role with the Newport Police Department, I was placed on administrative leave while this was investigated. Once I received a statement from Newport confirming I was authorized to possess this equipment I was reinstated. All cases such as this must be investigated completely, and unfortunately to do it properly it must be done confidentially,” he said. “I am very pleased to be back to work so I can continue to serve as your police chief.”

Restricted from commenting on a personnel matter, City Manager Sandra Tripp-Jones announced Chief Dvorak’s reinstatement on Monday evening with a short statement in a press release, saying “She, with the Mayor and City Council, is satisfied that the process worked effectively and quickly and is pleased that Chief Dvorak has returned to duty.”

The items in question were a laptop and aircard for internet connection. “I had the equipment when I moved here because my retirement from Newport PD happened so quickly,” Chief Dvorak, who worked in an IT position when with the Newport, R.I. police, told The Banner. “I was managing the records-keeping software and wanted to help them with any system failures or questions they had.”

When the laptop and aircard were discovered, the city was compelled to make sure they were not stolen from the Newport Police Department. As soon as Chief Dvorak was put on administrative leave he drove to Newport to clarify the issue and receive proper documentation for the equipment. He returned this weekend with a letter from Newport Police stating that he was given the equipment with full authorization.

“I was the lieutenant in charge of Administrative Services,” said Chief Dvorak, “in charge of maintaining records for the department. When I came down to Cambridge to interview for the position here, I was hired and moved to Cambridge two weeks later. The transition was so quick, my Newport chief asked ‘What are we going to do without you?’ The department there was switching over to civilian maintenance of the records system, but the civilian hires were not up to speed yet. So they outfitted me with a laptop so I could help in the transition and keep tabs on the system.”

Chief Dvorak told The Banner that in the past 18 months the need for his assistance in Newport has slowed down. “But they still ask me questions occasionally,” he said, “they asked me about something just last week.
“But my need for the laptop on their system (Newport) has dwindled, and while I was up there I returned the equipment,” he continued. “Of course, now I wish I’d returned it earlier. I can’t blame the city for their diligence in this matter. As Chief of Police, I have to be held to the highest standard in the department and the city, and the city definitely has an obligation to investigate when questions come up.”

Notice of the closing of the investigation was distributed in a press release sent by Lt. Justin Todd of the Cambridge Police, at 4:04 p.m. Tuesday. Also, at that time, a release was issued by the City of Cambridge wherein City Manager Sandra Tripp-Jones announced that she has reinstated Chief Dan Dvorak to his position of Chief of Police in good standing.

“I’m glad this is done, and very glad to be able to return to serving the people of Cambridge,” Chief Dvorak said.

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