Cambridge’s Race Street has a message: ‘Black Lives Matter’

Submitted photo
Activists are seen painting “Black Lives Matter” on Race Street in Cambridge on Monday.

CAMBRIDGE — Race Street has a message for residents of the town and anyone else driving through downtown. “Black Lives Matter” is being painting in large white letters down the middle of the road, created by a group of activists and artists.

The display mirrors a similar project in Washington, D.C., in which city workers painted the same words on 16th St.
Demonstrations have taken place in Cambridge and around the nation following the May 25 killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. Protestors and many government officials have said the death was another in the nation’s long history of oppression by authorities of the African-American population.

Recent weekends have featured demonstrations in Cambridge protesting police brutality around the nation. Though some events in other cities have turned violent, no trouble was reported in Dorchester.

Among the organizers of the Race Street project is Jermaine Anderson, a local artist and activist with Alpha Genesis Community Development Corporation.
“It’s time to face race for what it is still today,” Mr. Anderson posted online. “Worldwide, even in this little old town of Cambridge, Maryland. Race has always been our number one issue here. What you are seeing is the Movement Part 2.”

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