British aircraft carrier ‘Queen Elizabeth’ sails Bay

Submitted to Dorchester Banner/Taylors Island
The British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” passed Taylors Island on Friday morning. The Cove Point Lighthouse on the western shore can be seen under the bow of the ship.

TAYLORS ISLAND — The British aircraft carrier “HMS Queen Elizabeth” passed Taylors Island on Friday morning, during a friendly visit to the Chesapeake Bay. The difference between this and an earlier, more problematic visit by a British ship, was noted in a post on the Facebook site, “Taylors Island.”

An observer wrote a tongue-in-cheek post, referring to a skirmish more than 200 years ago, saying, “It turned toward the island as if it was going to launch an attack in revenge for the Battle of the Ice Mound. They apparently had second thoughts when they saw Taylors Island duck hunters in the bay, as it reminded them of our formidable militia from the War of 1812.”

The Queen Elizabeth is the Royal Navy’s largest and most advanced ship. She arrived in on Tuesday to host the Atlantic Future Forum. The conference on Thursday was a collaboration between the Royal Navy and Naval Academy for security leaders of both nations to discuss the future of defense across land, sea, air, cyber and space.

The ship is named for Elizabeth I, not the current Queen Elizabeth II. She was launched in December of 2017 and is scheduled to be commissioned next year.

The ship has a crew of about 700 — double that when the air wing is on board — and was designed specifically for the U.S.-built stealth aircraft, the F-35B.

On Friday, the 64,000-ton, 934-foot-long aircraft carrier was heading to Norfolk, Va.

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