Bradshaw takes oath, is Cambridge mayor

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Cambridge Mayor Andrew Bradshaw, left, took the oath of office outside Dorchester County Circuit Courthouse on Monday at noon. Administering the oath was Clerk of Court Amy Craig. Former mayor David Wooten held the Bible.

CAMBRIDGE — Andrew Bradshaw took the oath of office on Monday in front of Dorchester County Circuit Courthouse, as he officially became mayor. He replaces Victoria Jackson-Stanley, who served three terms in the post.
“What an exciting time,” Mayor Bradshaw said to the crowd gathered on the courthouse lawn. The group included supporters, members of the previous City Council, and passersby.
Mr. Bradshaw thanked former mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley, who was present, for her years of service. “Without her guidance, Cambridge would not now be positioned for success,” he said. He also expressed his gratitude for Ms. Jackson-Stanley’s graciousness during the transition to the new administration.
Mayor Bradshaw said challenges facing the city — housing, violent crime, and slow economic growth among them — are not new, but the methods of meeting them will be. With the five new members of the City Council, representing a younger generation committed to cooperation, Mayor Bradshaw said youthful energy and collective hope would help drive improvements for the city.
Guest speakers at the event included former Mayor David Wooten, former Senator Richard F. Colburn, Maryland Secretary of Natural Resources Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, and Commissioner LaJan Cephas. Also present was Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Joe Bartenfelder.
The five newly elected City Council commissioners will be sworn into office on Jan. 6.
Former mayor Dave Wooten, who served from 1992-2000, attended on behalf of Maryland State Comptroller Peter Franchot. “Please give this new group your support,” he said. “Let’s concentrate on the positives.”
Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio congratulated Mayor Bradshaw on behalf of Governor Larry Hogan, while Commissioner LaJan Cephas (Ward 2) said Mayor Bradshaw’s energy and commitment during his campaign had been an inspiration to her.
Former State Senator Richard Colburn said, “To be chosen is a rare honor.” He quoted President John F. Kennedy, who had campaigned at Spring Valley beside the courthouse in 1960, saying the “torch has been passed to a new generation.”

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