Boy Scout Court of Honor held for new Eagle scout

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Dorchester Banner/Susan M. Bautz
An impressive group of young men recited the Boy Scout Oath at the June 11 Court of Honor to induct Troop 754’s latest addition to the ranks of Eagle Scout. Eighteen year old Michael Larrimore Jr. (standing, right) completed the often arduous Trail to Eagle.

Throughout history the eagle has symbolized mankind’s best. It is also the symbol of Scouting’s best. Any thoughts that a Boy Scout Court of Honor for passage to Eagle Scout would be a dull affair were dashed on June 11 at the Cambridge Moose Lodge when Troop 754 officially inducted Michael Larrimore Jr. into its elite ranks. Led by Scoutmaster Pete Corkran Jr., the moving, heartfelt event unfolded in front of about 60 friends and family who watched Michael accept praise and plaques from peers, troop leaders, and politicos.

Scoutmaster Pete Corkran Jr. led the ceremony by recognizing special guests and adult leaders of Troop 754. Michael’s immediate family included his parents Michael Sr., and Susie plus his sister Caitlin and his two grandmothers. A striking display with several cloth-covered tables at the front of the room included photographs of activities, medals, and special awards for a complete record of Michael’s scouting history from his Cub years to the present.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance a scout noted that only three out of every 100 scouts earn their Eagle Scout status. Mr. Corkran put that figure in perspective. He reported that for the past 40 years about 275-300 kids have belonged to the troop. “Math would dictate that we should have about 8 Eagle Scouts in the history of the troop since 1977. Michael is number 25!”

Lenny Pfeffer, president of the Secretary Volunteer Fire Company (SVFC) where Michael dedicated numerous hours to his Eagle Scout project, described Michael as a boy “who was a little shy and quiet. I found that was not to be the case,” he said. “As the weeks went by I saw a boy who was quick witted and had a lot of personality” and devoted to his family and friends. One project was cleaning the aging “turn out” gear lockers. Mr. Pfeffer said Michael spent months scraping, sanding, painting and polishing the gear lockers. “Michael has the potential to become a great leader in whatever he does in life,” concluded Mr. Pfeffer.

Sam Yockey, vice president of SVFC, presented a membership plaque to Michael from the National Eagle Scout Association as “thanks for his project.” Mr. Yockey described “life’s journey” as like a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece has to fit together perfectly to be complete. He noted that each facet of Michael’s life has been part of the puzzle to “get to where you are today.” Saying the journey could not have been done alone, he noted, “You’ve carried God on your journey.”

Scoutmaster Corkran explained that he gives his time to scouting because of “days like today” and referenced part of the Scout’s Law that pledges scouts to be “friendly, courteous, and kind. Whoever wrote the Scout’s Law years ago must have thought that this guy here would be a Scout. I wish I could take the credit for that, but, that happened at home. I can teach the words but not what the words mean and how to act. That was done by Michael’s parents Mike Sr. and Susie.”

“Michael became the best quartermaster this troop has ever had before and after. He is the best at what he does. The greatest ever to do any job we asked him to do.” If somebody ever sat down and wrote a book about the history of this troop would the name Michael Larrimore Jr. have to be in that book? I think so.”

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Dorchester Banner/Susan M. Bautz Assistant Scoutmaster Sam Yockey presented the National Association of Eagle Scouts’ award to Michael Larrimore Jr., Troop 754’s newest Eagle Scout.

The “Trail to Eagle” is a long, well-traveled path. It starts as a Cub Scout and after mastering all the required skills by earning merit badges, serving in leadership positions, and living up to the Scout Oath the aspiring Eagle must plan, carry out, and execute a community service project approved by the scoutmaster, assistant scoutmaster, benefiting organization, and a Delmarva council representative. Final approval comes from a three-person board.

Presentation of the Awards included an Eagle Scout medallion and patch. Michael’s parents presented pins to their son who in turn presented pins to his parents. The new Eagle Scout distributed Mentor pins to Ron Loeffler in absentia, Brian Holliday, and Sam Yockey.

Proclamations and citations were presented by Secretary Commissioner William Lauck, Sen. Addie Eckardt, Delegate Johnny Mautz, County Commissioner Rick Price, and William Reddish, representative for Congressman Andy Harris.

During his speech, Michael said, “I will remember this day and all I shared in it for the rest of my life.” He noted that he logged in 371 hours to complete the project and that none of it could have been done without his brother scouts, family, friends, and particularly Scoutmaster Corkran. “They would not let me quit. I accept this award with pride,” he said, and challenged his fellow scouts to continue to work hard to reach the Eagle rank.

Mr. Corkran noted that numbers 26-33 following Michael’s number 25 have “something in the works as we speak. Every one of these young men here today has a better than average chance to become an Eagle Scout. We’re not done yet!”

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