Board names Bromwell interim superintendent

Dave Bromwell

The Board of Education of Dorchester County is pleased to announce the appointment of W. David Bromwell as Interim Superintendent of Dorchester County Public Schools. Mr. Bromwell was appointed by a unanimous roll call vote on May 31, 2019. In commenting on the appointment, President Glenn Bramble said:

“David Bromwell is an educator of long tenure and experience with the Dorchester County Public Schools. He has served honorably and effectively in many positions, most recently as Principal of Cambridge-South Dorchester High School.

“As a lifetime resident of Dorchester County, Mr. Bromwell brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the county and its educational system. He is committed to providing an equal opportunity for a quality education for all of our children and to working cooperatively with the employees of the school system and our supportive community.

“While he has many problems to tackle, the Board is confident in his ability to address the needs of our school system and its children and to invest the time and effort needed to do so. We warmly welcome Mr. Bromwell as our new Interim Superintendent.”

His term will run from July 1 of this year, through June of 2020.

After the vote, Mr. Bromwell said he was flattered, adding, “You know you are going to get my best.”

He will step into the post being vacated by Dr. Diana Mitchell, who has resigned.

Mr. Bromwell is now finishing his ninth year as principal of C-SD.
The meeting concluded after the announcement.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following is a statement from Mr. Bromwell.

To the Dorchester County Community: I am honored to be chosen as the Interim Superintendent for Dorchester County Public Schools (DCPS) for the 2019-2020 school year. Doing my best to educate the students of Dorchester County has always been my goal during my 30 years of employment within DCPS. As a homegrown, Dorchester County Public Schools, Class of 1983 high school graduate, nothing could make me more excited than to collaborate with my fellow educators within the county for the advancement of our youth.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my family. Prior to entering the field of education, I had the opportunity to serve our country with the United States Marine Corps. My wife, Angie, and I have two adult children and one teenager. Our three boys range in age from 16-to-24 years old. Each of my sons received an excellent education within DCPS, two have graduated with Maryland high school diplomas moving onto higher education, and one is still at C-SDHS as a 10th grader. Angie and I are proud to have raised very well educated and morally responsible young men who exhibit what DCPS positively teaches our young students. Even more impressive is that my oldest son is now employed within DCPS as a teacher. Yes, DCPS puts out very good products who are willing to “come back and give back.” I tell you this because my experiences as a proud father have helped shape me as a proud educator and as a DCPS school leader.

As a 30-year veteran within DCPS, I am well acquainted and respectful of the county’s history, school system, families, students, government, business, and religious institutions. I am very familiar with school and community initiatives within the county over the last 30 years that have gone very well and those not as well. I plan on using this knowledge when planning any future initiative within the school system. My mission as your Interim Superintendent is to maintain and grow a rigorous teaching and learning environment that provides every student with a sense of belonging while helping students grow intellectually, emotionally and socially. I feel very passionate about this mission for our students. It is critical to all students’ future success in life to graduate from high school with the habits of mind and skills necessary to pursue and achieve their goals and dreams. As a school leader it is vital to keep initiatives goal centered and achievable but challenging enough to promote successful hard work by all.

There are four areas of focus which I will address as Interim Superintendent of DCPS: 1. Academics 2. Safety 3. Communication 4. Financial Responsibility

There is a great deal of planning that will go into each area of focus as I begin as the Interim Superintendent, July 1, 2019.

I am committed to a quality and comprehensive education for all students. DCPS is known not only for its academic successes and extracurricular programs, but also for the positive, equitable, and healthy relationships between staff and students. I take very seriously that you have entrusted the young people of this community to my care while Interim Superintendent of DCPS. Have a great summer!

Banner Editor Dave Ryan contributed to this report.

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