Allyson Adams wins 2016 Miss Outdoors pageant

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Special to Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Contestants were congratulated following the 2016 Miss Outdoors Pageant in Golden Hill on Friday. From the left are Sandra Todd, McKayla Robinson, Karli Lewis, Sarah Gilbertson, Miss Outdoors 2016 Allyson Adams, Hannah Lewis, Alexandra Colman and Katie Ryan.


GOLDEN HILL – Friday’s evening of glamour was capped off by the crowning of Allyson Adams as 2016 Miss Outdoors. The pageant took place on the first day of the 71st Annual Outdoor Show, held at South Dorchester School.

Miss Adams, 21, wowed the crowd in the packed gym with her musical talent as she sang and played piano, as well as her style and poise in a black evening gown. She will represent Dorchester County at a variety of local events, and early next year, will travel to Cameron Parish, La., to attend similar celebrations there.

In addition to the Miss Outdoors, Little Mr. And Little Miss pageants, there are numerous displays and demonstrations of local art, culture and history at the event, which is always well attended and strongly supported by residents and visitors.

“We are proud to show you the best that comes from our boot-sucking marshes and the flowing water that surrounds them,” a statement from the National Outdoor Foundation, Inc., said. “Most of all, we hope to share the unique spirit and character of our hard-working people, who keep one foot in a technologically savvy world, and the other stuck deep in our traditional, old-school ways.”

This year’s show was dedicated to the memory of Robert “Bobby” William Hall Sr., a South Dorchester businessman who was very active in his community.

National Outdoor Show Winners 2016
Miss Outdoors
Miss Outdoors: Allyson Adams
1st Runner Up: Sarah Gilbertson
2nd Runner Up: Karli Lewis
Talent: Allyson Adams
Miss Congeniality: Allyson Adams

Little Miss Outdoors
Little Miss Outdoors: Jayden Anders
1st Runner Up: Camryn Turner
2nd Runner Up: Madyson Hall

Little Mister Outdoors
Little Mr. Outdoors: Gavin  Fitzhugh
1st Runner Up: Jaxson Usilton
2nd Runner Up: Trey Abey Jr.

Photo Contest
1st: John Dent
2nd: Kady Willey
3rd: Gavin Fitzhugh

Kid’s Race (6-8 yrs)
1st: Morgan Davis
2nd: J. B. Bell
3rd: Tyler Droneberger

Kid’s Race (9-12 yrs.)
1st: McKenzie Pruitt
2nd: Sydney Hughes
3rd: Zachary Elliott

Muskrat cooking, Traditional
1st: Cathy King
2nd: Nellie Flowers
3rd: Cindy Cook

Muskrat cooking, specialty
1st: Rhonda Aaron
2nd: Rhonda Aaron
3rd: Rhonda Aaron

Oyster Shucking
1st: Arreal Tilgham 1:44.56

Corn Shelling
1st: Joe Lappin 19.64
2nd: Hollie Robbins Jr. 20.13
3rd: Rebecca Lappin 22.27

Log Sawing
Business – 3 cuts
1st: Ryan Oberender
1st: Daniel Shockley

School – 1 cut
1st: Rebecca Lappin
1st: Will Kennington

Civic Organization – 3 cuts
1st: Jeff Koletsky
1st: Jesse Bartrum

Best Overall Time – 3 cuts
1st: Daniel Shockley
1st: Ryan Oberbender

Audience Challenge – 1 cut
1st: Matthew Swann
]1st: Joey Parks

Pole Skinning
1st: Ryan Oberender
2nd: Tom Robinson

Goose Calling
Beginner w/call
1st: Kyle Jackson
2nd: Austin Hubbard
3rd: Finley Jones IV

Beginner w/o call
1st: Finley Jones IV

Junior w/call
1st: Luke Hatton
2nd: Jack Hawthorne
3rd: Will Kennington

Junior w/o call
1st: Alex Campbell
2nd: Austin Kimmey
3rd: Michael Nickerson

Senior w/call
1st: Josh Taylor
2nd: Justin Culver
3rd: John Taylor

Senior w/o call
1st: Tyler Kimmey
2nd: Billy Jones
3rd: John Taylor

Duck Calling
Beginner w/call
1st: Finley Jones IV
2nd: Austin Hubbard
3rd: Cohen Wilson

Beginner w/o call
1st: Finley Jones IV

Junior w/call
1st: Luke Hatton
2nd: Joey Marowski
3rd: Mike Nickerson

Junior w/o call
1st: Michael Nickerson
2nd: Luke Hatton

Senior w/call
1st: John Taylor
2nd: Branden Oakley
3rd: Al Dagger

Senior w/o call
1st: Joe Lappin
2nd: John Taylor
3rd: Josh Taylor

Turkey Calling
Junior w/call
1st: Will Kennington
2nd: Finley Jones IV

Junior w/o call
1st: Finley Jone IV
2nd: Nathan Hill
3rd: Austin Hubbard

Senior w/call
1st: Josh Taylor
2nd: Trevor Shannahan
3rd: John Casey

Senior w/o call
1st: Josh Taylor
2nd: Matt Anderson

Trap Setting
Senior: Justin Aaron 17.34
Junior: Gordon Lovelass 47.37

Raccoon Skinning
Junior 1st: Will Watkins 4:57.65

1st: Morgan Bennett 1:17.39
2nd: Pat Reiber 1:32.16

Muskrat Skinning

Old Timers
1st: Mark Flowers jr. 24.34

Former Dorchester Champs
1st: Wylie Abbott 18.13

Girls Beginner
1st: Norah Xenides 32.78
2nd: Carly Rue 1:34.67

Boys Beginner
1st: Alex Droneberger 1:49.81

Women’s Beginner
1st: Morgan Abbott 1:37.87
2nd: Stephanie Dunnock 2:56.50

Men’s Beginner
1st: Joe Lappin 1:08.76
2nd: Bill Elliott 1:29.25

Women’s Junior
1st:  Maddie Foxwell 59:74
2nd: Rebecca Lappin 1:30.68
3rd: Jenns Rue 4:46.43

Men’s Junior
1st: Will Kennington 1:59.59

1st: Rhonda Aaron 3:28.75
2nd: Brenda Abbott 3:55.70
3rd: Dakota Abbott
4th: Helen Foxwell
5th: Sheila Abbott

1st: Ronnie Robbins 2:06.30
2nd: Dusty Flowers 2:11.15
3rd: Cory Abbott
4th: T. J. Abbott
5th: Jason Abbott

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