Accused murderer’s sister pleads for careful investigation

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Special to the Dorchester Banner/Gloria Rojas Conchetta Sampson, sister of Terrence Brown, hopes that police are careful in the investigation of the events of Sunday morning at the Elks Club in Cambridge.

CAMBRIDGE ­— Conchetta Sampson, the 30 year-old sister of Terence Brown who is accused of murdering two people over the weekend, questions the speed of her brother’s arrest as the suspect in the shootings at the Elks Club on Pine Street. While her grandmother denies the culpability of her grandson as many relatives do after an arrest, Ms. Sampson is not certain of what happened, but she thinks the arrest was precipitous and without enough police work.

Cambridge police are still investigating the incident, which occurred at the Elks Club after an altercation at a private party. Police identified the people who died as 25-year-old Leron Todd and 28-year-old Ashley Cornish, both of Cambridge. Two other people who have not been identified were allegedly wounded at the scene also.

Police reports note that officers zeroed in on Terence Brown because he fit the description on a security video; a tall, large-framed black man wearing a hoodie, running away. Police found a blood-stained hoodie in Brown’s car, but no gun. Conchetta Sampson reasons that the blood on the hoodie was most likely her brother’s because he was shot twice in the chest, once in the arm, and struck with a blunt object on the head as he ran from the wild scene at Pine Street. She claims that he too is a shooting victim.

“We can’t elaborate, because it is a pending investigation,” said Lt. Bruce Jones of the Cambridge Police Department, when asked for details about the case. “Ms. Cornish and Mr. Todd are the main focus of our investigation, and investigating the death of a murder victim is the most important thing a policeman can do. As to the staus of the investigation, there are more witnesses coming forward.”

According to Sampson, there is a history between her brother and the man killed at the scene. Several weeks ago, Brown’s property, from flat screen to child’s Wii, and including a phone, was stolen from his car and his Cambridge home. Allegedly, on a call to his own phone, he was told where he could pick up his property. He told his sister that when he drove there, he was shot at. In order to remain safe and avoid problems, he moved out of Cambridge and into his grandmother’s Hurlock home. Ms. Sampson acknowledges that he returned to Pine Street, but she says, “I am beyond sorry about Ashley Cornish, the woman who was killed. She was an innocent and it could have been any of us.”

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