A Cambridge Christmas tree

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Dorchester Banner/Gloria Rojas
Raising the Christmas tree on the pavilion in Spring Valley.

CAMBRIDGE — There’s something old-fashioned and sweet about going to pick out a Cambridge Christmas tree on a brisk and sunny Saturday morning. This is the committee’s third effort to find just the right tree to deck the bandstand outside the courthouse. Amy Craig brings her husband Bill, and he brings his power saw. Billie Norton, Patti Tieder, and Linda Henry bring their highly developed aesthetic sense needed for Christmas tree selection. Danny Muffaletto brings his truck and tall crane that makes the whole enterprise possible. Victoria Wingate of the Star and me, of the Banner, bring our pads and cameras to capture the tradition. And there’s a guy in a red outfit who vaguely resembles Commissioner Gage Thomas, but no, it couldn’t be, it’s Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, the tree is waiting for its destiny at the Nichols Tree Farm in Hebron, just sitting there for a few years growing and thriving among so many others, fine needled trees, blunt needled trees, but the tall fir is a fine choice for Cambridge (Like the police chief from Newport and the City Manager from Santa Barbara.)  It doesn’t take long for the experienced committee members to find our tree, and Danny Muffaletto makes the tricky job of loading and hauling it look easy.

The committee members will drape the tree with lights, but the actual lighting of the tree is waiting for you at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Nov. 28, at the Courthouse with choruses and refreshments.

The dictionary says a tradition is a custom passed down through generations. At last year’s lighting, I saw three generations, and maybe even four, at the community ceremony so that makes it official … the Cambridge Christmas Tree Ceremony is a joyful TRADITION!

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