PRMC announces first COVID-19 death

SALISBURY — Administrators at Peninsula Regional Medical Center announced today the first death from COVID-19 of a patient under their care. The hospital’s statement follows:

“A note to our community — We have attempted to be as transparent as possible with you throughout our COVID-19 journey at PRMC, and we will continue to keep you updated regularly. We today share the sad news of the first COVID-19 patient to pass who was under our care.

“Please keep this family in your thoughts. We ask that you respect their privacy and that of our staff. This will be the only official statement of Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Thank you.

“As the disease progresses across our nation, state and region, this is a somber reality being faced by a number of hospitals, healthcare systems, communities and families. Our medical team went to extraordinary efforts to care for this patient, and our hearts remain with the patient’s family, friends and loved ones.

“During a time like this, we are united to battle this virus. We encourage you to continue vigorous and regular hand hygiene, practice social distancing and to stay at home to avoid catching or passing this virus.
“If you have symptoms or concerns, call the COVID-19 Information and Triage Line at 410-912-6889.”

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